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Handling Refunds and Returns: A Must Read for Startup Jewelry Sellers

Most jewelry sellers spend good amount of time in selecting and putting together a jewelry collection to sell to their customers. Some even exert extra efforts in creating a great jewelry display and packaging to ensure customer satisfaction. But no matter how you try to uphold the quality of your products and services, there will come a time that a customer will decide to refund their products and demand for a refund.
Handling Refunds  and Returns
If you’re a startup jewelry seller, how are you going to handle this sensitive situation?
Experiencing a product return can be a little heartbreaking and frustrating at times. But returns and refunds is an important part of any business and should be something an entrepreneur should think about before starting an online or physical wholesale jewelry store.
To reduce the hassle and stress of product returns, it is important to have a clear return policy that can benefit your customers and protect your business at the same time. It increases your brand’s trustworthiness and professionalism. A clear return policy also makes your customer feel more comfortable about transacting business with you because they feel that you are confident with the quality of your wholesale jewelry pieces.

Important Components of a Return Policy

When writing your return or refund summary, remember to indicate who is responsible with the shipping cost in case they want to return their purchase. Some retailers allow their customers at least 7 days to return their purchase and 30 days to replace with other items. Make sure that your return policy is in line with the consumer laws in your area.
Also assure your customers that you are willing to assist them in their needs by giving them your contact numbers in case they have some inquiries about your products.
Lastly, make sure to inform your customer about your return policy. You can include it on the product packaging or discuss it with them orally before checkout. Don’t forget to ask them if they have any question regarding their purchase to avoid miscommunications and confusion.