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5 Ways Google Business Profile Drives Jewelry Sales

Having a Google Business Profile can benefit your local jewelry shop in various ways.

jewelry shop display at night with the logo of Google Business Profile

If you own a small jewelry shop in your local area, being on Google Business Profile or GBP is crucial. Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business, is a tool for business owners and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Google Search and Google Maps. In other words, if your jewelry business has an account on this platform, customers will find you more easily.

However, merely having an account will not do. You must fill it out with the complete information about your business and keep it regularly updated. If your profile is incomplete, lacking relevancy, and has inaccurate information, Google will not give you the visibility to the searchers you want to target.

Ipsos Research also says that an up-to-date Google Business Profile with complete information gives the following benefits:

  • Considered reputable by 2.7 more times
  • Gets 7 times more website clicks
  • Is 70 percent more likely to attract location visits
  • Is 50 percent more likely to lead to a purchase

So aside from investing in wholesale fashion jewelry pieces in trendy designs, consider working on building your presence on Google through Google Business Profile. If you are still not convinced, here are other ways Google Business Profile benefits local jewelry shops:

  1. Google Business Profile gets your jewelry business on the map.
  2. GBP helps you build trust with your customers.
  3. Google Business Profile helps increase your website traffic.
  4. GBP is free advertising for your jewelry business.
  5. Potential customers can find you on all types of devices.

#1 Google Business Profile gets your jewelry business on the map.

As mentioned earlier, Google Business Profile gets you visible across Google, including Google Maps. So when a potential customer searches for your jewelry shop on Google Maps, your exact location will be displayed with your address, contact information, and reviews if you have. Your photos will also be displayed, so use this opportunity to upload images of your jewelry collection.

#2 GBP helps you build trust with your customers.

One of the biggest challenges of businesses today is to encourage customers to trust them enough to make a purchase, especially since people have been mindful of their purchases as an effect of the pandemic. Letting people know you are a legit business with a physical location helps solve this problem.

Google Business Profile also is known to verify legit businesses, and those that appear on the search results are about three times more likely to appear are considered reputable by consumers.

#3 Google Business Profile helps increase your website traffic.

If you have a jewelry website and do not get enough traffic, Google Business Profile can help solve this problem. At the same time, the number of in-store visits can also be positively affected.

Having a GBP listing and showing up in the local searches can attract potential customers for in-store visits by a whopping 70 percent. Aside from that, a GBP listing can also pull in about 35 percent more website clicks. These numbers are incredibly promising!

#4 GBP is free advertising for your jewelry business.

We all know that a Google Ads campaign is very effective in reaching customers. However, not all businesses may have the budget for running ads. Thankfully, Google Business Profile is free, and your business listing acts like an ad on the search engine.

Your Google Business Profile listing allows you to increase your jewelry shop's exposure on a trusted search engine absolutely for free. Optimizing your listing is also pretty easy, as well as updating it through uploading photos and updates under Posts. If you make sure to input complete and accurate information, the chances of appearing on top of the results increase.

#5 Potential customers can find you on all types of devices.

Finally, Google Business Profile allows your potential customers to easily find you on any type of device. Whether they are searching on desktop computers, smartphones, or tablets, your profile will immediately come up on the results when they search for your business.

This just means that people interested in your business will be quickly presented with the information they need. Because of this, it is utterly crucial that you input all the necessary info in your profile like exact address, which should include floor number and suite number if applicable, phone number, email, and business hours.

The takeaway

Google Business Profile is vital for every business, jewelry businesses included. Even if you do not have a website, having a presence online, especially across Google, can increase the number of in-store visits. People Google businesses and research before actually making a purchase – in fact, 81% of shoppers research products or services online before purchasing.

Be sure to provide all the correct and necessary information and update with photos to prove your legitimacy as a jewelry business in your local area.