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A Man's Guide to Wearing Rings

Adorning fingers are women's forte. Men don't usually wear rings unless they're married. Yet, there are men who love accessories and prefer wearing more than just one ring. These men could be wearing rings that remind them of great experiences or rings that signify a brotherhood.

Men's rings offered by wholesale fashion jewelry sellers are usually bulky in size so stacking them up won't exactly be eye-pleasing. So how many rings should a man wear, and on what finger? Here are some 'rules' we've found on the interwebs that you might find useful.

The wedding band

The wedding band

Wholesale Men's Two-Tone IP Gold Wedding Band

The wedding band is usually worn on the fourth finger. There are several beliefs on which hand should the wedding band be. American men wear theirs on their left finger, while men in an Eastern Orthodox church wear theirs on the right finger. It can also be based on symbolism. The right hand is the "physical" hand meaning it's the dominant one and more active. The left hand is the "mental" hand which symbolizes one's character and beliefs. At the end of the day, where you wear your wedding band all depends on your own beliefs.

The military ring

The military ring

Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel United States Marines Montana Ring

Army men own military rings that remind them of their time in military service. What better way to show off your bravery than wearing your military ring? These rings are quite big, and wearing them on the same hand where your wedding band is won't look pleasing. Wear this ring on the other hand instead. The middle finger is preferable as it exudes manliness. They say that the middle finger symbolizes balance (being in the center) and responsibility (being sturdy). If you want to wear two on one hand, the thumb is a good location for the second ring.

The fashion ring

The fashion ring

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Out of habit, men wear fashion rings on their fourth finger. But this can bring confusion to women; they might think that you are engaged or married. Fashion rings are better worn on index fingers for single men. In the past, the index finger was the most common location for a man's ring. Fashion wise, a ring on a guitarist's index finger looks great and will draw attention to the fingers.

The mason ring

The mason ring

Wholesale Stainless Steel Men's Masonic Ring

Masons wear mason rings to represent the brotherhood Freemasonry teaches and embraces. This type of rings is great for the thumb. A thumb ring is said to be a sign of influence in some societies, making it the perfect location. Bigger and chunkier rings look good on this finger as well.