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How Pinterest Benefits Jewelry Businesses

There are many benefits to having a Pinterest business account for your jewelry business. Learn them in this article.

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Pinterest is, undoubtedly, one of the best social media channels for jewelry businesses. Because it is image-heavy, brands can showcase their jewelry products on the platform for free. And by opening a business account, you are able to access a lot of Pinterest benefits, creating many opportunities for your jewelry business' online presence.

Below are five other reasons how creating a Pinterest business account can be a good move for your retail or wholesale fashion jewelry online business:

1. A Pinterest business account can help you determine emerging trends.

Today, of all the social media platforms, Pinterest is where users share products and trends that they are actually interested in and loving. To spot emerging trends, follow influencers in the jewelry and fashion industry. Pinterest also helps by aggregating categories of popular content for pinners based on their searches.

These aggregate search categories will come up based on your searches. So if you’re searching for jewelry-related things, you will most likely see hyper-targeted results. Look through the ideas that come up to see which type of jewelry you should be promoting or pinning for your customers.

2. It can increase brand authority

With a Pinterest business account, you gain access to features on your profile that regular accounts do not have:

  • A header full of your branded pins
  • The number of viewers your pins get
  • A verified website

All these elements give your brand a legitimate online presence, increasing your brand authority.

3. A Pinterest business account helps drive website traffic.

You can immediately start driving website traffic from your profile because your website is verified in your business account.

Besides that, you also have access to rich pins, which offer more information about your landing page than a regular pin. Product pins, on the other hand, include information on pricing and other product specifications. 

4. You can access your analytics with a Pinterest business profile.

A Pinterest business account enables you to view analytics for your pins, especially those you’ve saved from your jewelry website. These analytics include engagements, impressions, clicks, views, and other vital data. 

By viewing your analytics, you can see which pins are the most successful, those pins getting the most clicks and generating the most website traffic. This data allows you to promote the best pins for better results. 

5. A Pinterest business profile allows you to run ads and promoted pins.

You gain access to Pinterest advertising and targeting features with a Pinterest business profile. You can build campaigns that target traffic conversions for brand awareness, and you can also choose hyper-specific interest targeting for these ads.

Pinterest is image-heavy and is a visual search engine, so the ad targeting options are very powerful. Pinterest knows precisely what the users are searching for and what they're interested in. The ads are highlighted, making them more effective in generating sales and conversions.