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How to Deal With Excess Jewelry Inventory

Learn how you can get rid of excess jewelry inventory with a few simple steps.

Making jewelry from a leftover inventory.

Are you dealing with excess jewelry inventory items? This is a common dilemma for some jewelry business owners, especially after holidays like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day. Although wholesale fashion jewelry pieces can wait till another year to get out of hiding, there are ways on how you can actually get rid off them.

Give them away as freebie items.

Giving them as freebies is an effective way not only to get them out of inventory but also to pique the interest of potential customers. One way to do it is to give a free piece for every certain price of orders. Promotions such as this easily attract more buyers and can turn them into loyal customers.

Sell them off for a lower price.

The discount percentage will depend on the date of your promotion. For example, if the Easter season is almost over, sell fashion rings with Easter egg designs for about 10 to 25% off. However, if it is already over, you will be forced to sell it at a more discounted price. That is why it’s best to always check your inventory items, so you’ll know how many seasonal items are left.

Include them in jewelry sets.

Bundle your excess seasonal jewelry pieces with on-trend items. That way, they can quickly be sold off without having to slash their prices off. You can create ones with a particular theme, like similar pieces with CZ crystals, or a set of minimalist jewelry items. Just make sure that your seasonal piece isn’t too far off from your chosen bundle theme.

Repurpose seasonal jewelry pieces.

Seasonal jewelry pieces can easily be turned into jewelry that can be worn at any time of the year. For example, Christmas tree earrings can be turned into simple pine trees by adding other woodland or jungle-inspired charms. St. Patrick’s Day clover charms can be turned into flowers by adding a crystal at the center. There are so many ideas, just let your creative juices flow!

If you decide to just wait another year to get your seasonal jewelry pieces out, make sure that they are stored properly. This is to ensure that they still look new and presentable once it’s time to sell them again.


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