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How to Display Men's Rings

Pique the interest of your male customers with these ring display tips.

Man in a black suit wearing a ring fixing his sleeve

Displaying women's jewelry seem to be a piece of cake; you don't need to put on much effort when it comes to attracting their attention. This is because the ladies are naturally more into shopping for fashion than men. That said, displaying men's jewelry is a whole new different story. Unlike women, male customers are somehow harder to please. Fashion accessories like rings are generally not their priority, and hence, marketing jewelry to them is a bit challenging.

If you are a wholesale fashion jewelry seller or a small jewelry shop and owner experiencing this dilemma, fret not. Today, we are sharing with you some display tips to effectively sell rings to your male customers this season.

Use a minimalist ring holder.

Black Metal Ring Holder from Nile Corp
Source: NileCorp.com

Keep away from ring displays or holders that are heavily decorated. Instead, go with minimalist monochrome ones. Choose ones made of metal, wood, leather, or acrylic, and stay away from velvet and laced ones. Going simple with your display is more appealing to the male species, so remember to keep minimalist with your overall jewelry display.

Go for a masculine theme for your ring display.

Reserve the floral and pastel motifs to your female customers; choose a theme that highly appeals to men. Here below are our favorite display themes oozing with machismo:

Rustic Ottoman 2-piece Set from Overstock
Source: Overstock.com

Rustic - This theme is all about earthy tones and basically anything made of wood. Think the lumberjack style.

Basketball theme from Nashvillebicyclealliance.org
Source: Nashvillebicyclealliance.org

Sports - Whether it's basketball, baseball, or football or golf, the men sure will be attracted to this theme.

Steampunk decor from Pinterest
Source: Pinterest.com

Steampunk - Vintage maps, terrestrial globes, and anatomical drawings all scream steampunk, and this theme is perfect for the "sirs" who are into antique collectibles and decors.

Nintendo decor from Etsy | PopsicArt
Source: Etsy.com | PopsicArt

Games- Focus on the favorite vintage 8-bit games like Super Mario, Contra, and Hogan’s Alley as these appeal to real gamers. Or you can also go with new games with a post-apocalyptic theme like Fallout.

Repurposed wine barrel from YouTube Channel dE houzZ
Source: YouTube.com | dE houzZ

Booze - Men generally love booze, what else can we say?

Add decors and accents.

Wall decors from BlackForestDecor
Source: BlackForestDecor.com

After choosing your desired manly theme, make sure that you also place the right decors. For example, if you chose the rustic theme, you can place a leather ottoman and a bear rug. Men love it when there are chairs in the places where they shop. Whereas if you chose the booze theme, decorate the ring display table with vintage wine bottles as accents and repurpose old wine barrels as chairs or decors.

Which display theme is your favorite? Let us know your comments and ideas below!