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How to Effectively Engage Your Customers Online

As a jewelry business, you should be able to engage your customers to make them fall in love with your jewelry pieces.

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Engage your customers on social media and on other online platforms to turn them into loyal customers.

Jewelry businesses sometimes miss creating a connection with customers and focus solely on selling. Even though this is a no-no, some companies mistakenly forget about this. For a retail or wholesale fashion jewelry business to succeed, engaging and connecting with its customers is a must.

A business’ connection with its target customers is crucial because they tend to be repeat customers. They do not need to be advertised to; they will come back to your business voluntarily because they want to. Plus, they will become advocates, or shall we say, fans of your jewelry business.

Thankfully, social media platforms and other online avenues make connecting with businesses easier with their customers. It may be quite a challenge, especially if you have just started a page for your jewelry business. This is why today, we share with you some tips to utilize social media and other online platforms for your business.

Here are six ways to effectively engage your customers online and build genuine relationships with them:

  1. Be an expert in your industry.
  2. Be an inspiration.
  3. Promote fun through promotions.
  4. Send emails.
  5. Host virtual events
  6. Never ignore messages and comments.

#1 Be an expert in your industry.

Nothing else can make people trust and see you as a legit jewelry business than knowing the ins and outs of the industry. You should be highly knowledgeable about jewelry trends and the items you are selling.

One effective way to show your expertise is by creating content about it. Create a business blog and post articles and social media content on helpful and interesting jewelry topics. Best topics include style guides and jewelry cleaning and maintenance tips.

#2 Be an inspiration.

Strive to be an inspiration to your target audience. Be transparent about your business goals and visions, and show that you stand up for something. A good cause can be making the switch to being a sustainable brand or donating proceeds to charitable causes.

Create short videos about this topic and share them on all your social media pages. Try to make them as heartwarming as possible and focus on emotional marketing. Never make the mistake of selling your products in these videos, as it will spoil the inspirational vibe of your content.

#3 Promote fun through promotions.

Another quality customers love is a brand's ability to be fun. And the best way to do this is to run contests -- people love freebies and discounts! Promotional contests also have been made easier with the help of social media so take advantage of it.

Make sure to use a customized hashtag to reach more people and spread the word quicker. Also, always encourage people to like and follow your pages for maximum brand exposure.

#4 Send emails.

According to Statista, the number of global email users has amounted to 3.9 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow to 4.3 billion in 2023. And because of its popularity, email marketing’s return on investment is also massive. On the same note, you can expect an average return of $42 for every dollar you spend on email marketing, as found by DMA. These statistics just prove that email marketing is an effective tool to reach out to your target audience.

Emails are the best way to provide customers with helpful information aside from exclusive content. This exclusive content can include special discounts, new offers, flash sales, new arrivals of jewelry pieces, and limited edition jewelry. Make sure to always place a call to action button that will redirect them to your retail or wholesale fashion jewelry website.

 #5 Host virtual events

Hosting webinars allow you to create personal connections with your followers and customers. You can invite experts from the industry or popular influencers and allow them to give their insights on the latest fashion trends. Always include a Q&A portion in your webinars to get insights from actual customers as well. 

With that said, these virtual events can benefit your jewelry business big time. It allows for maximum brand exposure, increased brand confidence, customer engagement, and customer insights. Of course, word-of-mouth marketing for those who attended the event and were happy enough to share it on their social media accounts.

#6 Never ignore messages and comments.

Last but not least, always answer and acknowledge messages and comments from people. This is true even if the messages are negative and hurtful. Always find a way to provide a solution, as your ability to solve the issue is going to be very beneficial to your business when it comes to potential customers. If they see that you care enough to fix the problem, their trust in your business increases.

Having a conversation with your customers, of course, allows you to build genuine relationships with them. Be transparent, helpful, and friendly. Always thank them for voicing out their concerns and suggestions and for supporting your business.

The takeaway

We have a lot to thank for social media and technology. These innovations have made marketing strategies easier and have allowed us to acquire results faster. So as a jewelry business, take advantage of them to avoid getting lost in the sea of competition.

Regularly posting on social media is not enough. You should be able to connect with your target customers and build actual relationships with them. These tips should help your business achieve these goals. As long as you remain transparent, open to change, and accept critical feedback, your jewelry business is set for success. 

Good luck with the online marketing efforts for your retail or wholesale fashion jewelry business!