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How to Gain Instagram Followers for Your Jewelry Business

Make your jewelry brand Insta-popular! Check out these tips on how to increase your Instagram business account followers without spending a cent.

One of the best social media platforms to utilize if you are a jewelry business owner is Instagram because it's all visual content. You can post as many images and videos of your wholesale fashion jewelry pieces or handcrafted items as you want. Jewelry registers beautifully on camera as well, and it's the best way to pique the interest of your target audience. But what if you are not successful with gaining more followers after months of updating your feed?

Today, we will discuss the top three tips from digital marketers on how to grow your Instagram following without having to shell out money.

Follow popular accounts.

Yes, this tip has been tried and tested. All you have to do is follow popular accounts, then like and comment on their posts. But do not forget the most important thing. Make sure that these accounts are relevant to the jewelry or at the least, fashion industry! This will pave the way for other users to check out your account, and will increase the chances of them liking and commenting on your posts as well. Choose Instagram profiles that are highly-relevant to fashion and jewelry, regardless of the number of their followers. Remember, relevancy is more important than the size of an account's following.

Regularly post content that is emotional in nature.

Avoid getting boring! No one wants to watch a video in which you are talking in a monotonous tone. Put feelings in every image or video that you post in your feed; make people feel some sort of emotion that will urge them to like and comment. Photos should be visually striking, and the videos, highly engaging. Note that this same rule applies to your captions as well. And of course, all your posts should also be consistent. Otherwise, your followers will lose interest in such a cluttered or flat IG feed.

Submit your content to other IG accounts.

Today, there are many accounts that curate content, publish on their feeds, and simply tag the Instagram account where they got it from. Incredibly, these said profiles have a large following. Do take advantage of that! Create striking content and submit to these fashion or jewelry-related accounts to get tagged by them. You can do this by sending them a DM or tagging their accounts. They have more followers than you and by doing so, raises the chance of these followers going to your profile and start following, liking, and commenting on your photos.