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How to Keep Your Jewelry Box Organized

Fashion savvy ladies often own a personal jewelry box that contains most of her jewelry. Unfortunately, a big portion of this jewelry box is either broken, missing a stone, has a loose clasp or even has a missing pair. For some women who are too busy to even sort their wholesale fashion jewelry, having to look through piles of accessories just to have a necklace to wear can be a disaster.

photo source redenvelop.com

But with all the fashion rings, vintage necklaces or statement earrings you purchase every year, how do you really keep your jewelry box in order? Read these 5 easy ways to keep your jewelry safe, tangle free and ready to wear and take a step closer to having an organized jewelry collection.

1. Consider the size of your jewelry collection when buying a jewelry box
Before you buy a jewelry box, consider the size of your collection first. Make sure that you have enough room for everything so you can keep all your jewelry pieces in order.
2. Sort your jewelry collection properly
To keep things more organized, you can device a more systematic way of storing your jewelry instead of just stuffing it inside a box after use. Put wholesale earrings, necklaces and bracelets separately to avoid tangles and damages. You can also find your jewelry easier if you separate it by materials, theme or designs depending on the size of your collection.
3. Check for broken jewelry, missing pairs or broken clasps
Dedicate a time when you can sift through your collection to check for missing pieces, loose diamonds, tarnished metals and others. Remove broken jewelry pieces so they won’t occupy a big space in your collection anymore. Make sure to have a separate box where you can put all your broken jewelry so you can reuse it to make new accessories or recycle it to create designs in your bags, frames or dresses.
4. Put jewelry boxes near mirrors and clothing cabinets
Jewelry is meant to go with your outfit so put your jewelry box near the place where you often change your clothes. This way you can easily choose the pieces you’re going to wear and put back the jewelry that doesn’t go well with your outfit.
5. Make room for new jewelry pieces in your collection
Chances are you’ll be welcoming new additions to your wholesale jewelry collection in just a matter of months. So before you even purchase a new one try to have a specific place in your jewelry box that can accommodate few more jewelry pieces.
A jewelry collection will surely require your discipline and dedication. Treat all your jewelry pieces as an investment and handle them with care all the time. Try not to misplace your jewelry collection by putting them inside jewelry boxes when you’re not using them.