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How to Make Your Jewelry Business Survive the Crisis

Here are some tips to help your business survive amidst the pandemic.

Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, many jewelry businesses, both physical and online, are severely affected. Products and services in other industries such as travel and music are currently suffering too. People have now shifted their focus to buying essential items like food, meds, and hygiene items.

So how can a jewelry shop survive this global economic crisis? Here are a few tips you can follow to make your jewelry business survive and thrive during this difficult time.

Stay online.

Even if your business is closed temporarily, make sure that you are still visible in your social media pages. More people are online because of the shelter-in-place situation, meaning you can reach more potential customers. Do not pause your social media efforts; continue sharing photos of your jewelry items, testimonials, and inspiring quotes and pictures that can promote good vibes.

Continue running ads, but...

Advertising and marketing your products are excellent ways to hopefully get conversions at this time. However, it’s best to be emphatic when it comes to the message of your ads. Users will find it annoying and insensitive if they see fashion-related ads in the time of crisis. With that being said, make your message relevant to the current situation. Market jewelry pieces that make perfect tokens of appreciation to the frontline workers. On the same note, you can also market items that have designs that recognize the hard work of these brave workers.

Only sell “relevant jewelry.”

As mentioned above, you can market wholesale fashion rings and other pieces that are ideal gifts to first responders. These can be jewelry that gives good vibes and promote positivity, like ones with designs such as the cross, dove, hearts, and even embedded words. Military rings can be included, too, as soldiers are also first responders in times of crisis.

These do not guarantee that your sales increase during this time, but following these tips will help greatly with brand awareness. Aim for people to remember you so after all of this is over, they will consider buying a new set of fashion rings from your shop.