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How to Pick the Right Crystal Color for Rings

Are your customers having a hard time picking a gem color? Here is a guide that you can share with them when shopping for crystal rings.

Some shoppers spend a while when choosing a piece of jewelry. This is especially true with fashion rings and engagement rings with crystals. To make the shopping process faster and easier, provide some suggestions on what crystal color looks best with their skin tone. 

Below is a guide on picking the best crystal color for rings that you can share with your customers who have a hard time choosing a ring design.

Help them determine their skin tone.

There are two types of skin tone, cool and warm. Cool has hints of pinkish or bluish tone in the skin, while warm has yellowish or peachy undertones. The veins in a cool skin tone also appear purple or blue, while the veins in a warm skin tone appear green. However, there is also the neutral skin tone in which they cannot tell their veins' color. People with this skin tone usually have an olive complexion.

Categorize the cool and warm tones.

Cool undertones are usually associated with the summer and winter colors -- blue, true red, pink, purple, and gray. Whereas the warm tones are more associated with spring and fall colors -- yellow, green, orange, brown, and peach. Once done, pick the ring with a crystal color based on these colors.

Provide them with suggestions.

Lastly, show them suggestions to help them decide. Showcase a variety of designs and styles that you think would look good on them. However, do not hard-sell a particular piece to them, as nagging might scare them away. Allow your customers to decide on their own.

Here are a couple of pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection that you can offer to your customers:

Cool skin tone ring suggestion:

Stainless Steel Top Grade Crystal Sapphire Infinite Sparkle Ring

Warm skin tone ring suggestion:

Stainless Steel IP Light Black Top Grade Crystal Emerald Ring

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