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How to Reach More Jewelry Buyers on Pinterest

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Level up your Pinterest marketing efforts by being visible to more followers.

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Social media can indeed help any business grow in this digital age. If you are a wholesale fashion jewelry seller or a small-time jewelry business owner, the best channels to use are image-heavy ones. Instagram and Pinterest are these two platforms, but for this article, we will be discussing the latter.

Getting more followers means you can get your products visible in front of more potential customers. So how are you going to get more followers? Below are some tips we learned from Shopify on how you can reach more audiences.

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Use the right keywords.

Pinterest users often use the platform, just like a search engine. Users will most likely search using the keywords "how to style minimalist rings" or "fashion rings for fall." With that being said, it is important to use the right keywords on the platform. Your profile description, board descriptions, and pin descriptions should include relevant keywords. Doing so will allow for more users to find your pins.

Create or join group boards.

Group boards allow you to collaborate with other Pinterest users. All of the group members have permission to add pins to the group board, and your pins will also be visible to your collaborators' followers. Make sure that you collaborate with users that have pins similar to yours. It should also be jewelry or fashion-related, and their content should also be interesting to your followers.

Check your analytics.

Pinterest's analytics show you which of your pins are the best-performing ones in a specific time frame. There are three categories -- impressions, saves, and clicks. Checking these key metrics will help you figure out which pinning styles and content types your audience find interesting:

  • High impressions - Pins with high impressions are the ones that are seen by a lot of users. However, they do not convert nor drive traffic.
  • High saves - Pins getting regularly saved by users do not get a lot of clicks, nor are they driving any user to the website.
  • High clicks - Pins getting a lot of clicks are the ones that are getting your audience to your website. However, if they are not getting enough impressions, you do not get much traffic as well.