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How to Reduce Online Jewelry Shopping Fears

Learn how to ease your target customers' anxieties when shopping on your website.

Since many brick and mortar shops are temporarily closed, businesses have shifted their business online. Online shopping is starting to become the new norm, and companies are forced to pivot. As for the jewelry industry, a shop won’t survive at this time if it won’t start making the necessary changes.

Shopping jewelry online is a new thing for a lot of people. With that said, businesses need to do everything they can to earn the trust of their target customers. Today, we will be sharing a few tips on how online wholesale fashion jewelry or retail jewelry businesses can gain shoppers' trust and reduce their shopping fears.

Make your website look legitimate.

An e-commerce website aside from looking aesthetically pleasing should also have a layout that is easy to navigate. Choose a simple template and avoid putting too many links and ads. Here is a checklist that you can use to make your website look less sketchy:

  • Include your business address and contact information on your About page.
  • Put links to your social media pages.
  • Make your product descriptions detailed and genuine. Never lie about your products. 
  • Add a FAQ page.
  • Check your site content for grammar and spelling errors.

Keep your website secure.

Switch to HTTPS to make your e-commerce site secure. Doing so will instantly ease the shoppers’ fears of being scammed. Purchase an SSL Certificate from your site’s hosting company or SSL vendor. Follow the steps they provided to switch to HTTPS. If this is a bit technical, you can always check YouTube for tutorials or seek help from a professional.

Upload “real photos” with real people.

Posting stock photos is not at all bad, but images of real people wearing your jewelry items are a big plus. These pictures can help lessen shopping anxieties because shoppers would get an idea of how the jewelry piece looks when worn, or the actual size of the jewelry. So instead of just uploading product images from various angles, make sure to upload photos of people who are actually wearing your jewelry as well.

Offer convenient payment options.

Aside from bank cards, offer other payment options like PayPal and Payment on Delivery. The latter is the most convenient option for customers because they can check the jewelry first before paying for them. Some jewelry pieces can be quite expensive, and this option instantly eases the shoppers’ fears.