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How Video Marketing Helps Jewelry Businesses

Learn how videos influence your customers' buying behavior.

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Being visible on social media means that you have to constantly attract your target audience's attention. You should be able to engage them with compelling posts, and one of the best types of content today is video. Since humans are more attracted to visuals, videos are better than content that is purely text. According to Google's latest research, 55% of consumers use online videos for their shopping research. This then proves that video marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers.

Whether you are a wholesale fashion jewelry shop owner or a small-time jewelry retailer, this marketing strategy is a good move. Today, we will discuss how video posts can influence your target customers' purchase behavior, according to Google.

Laptop and GoPro on a white table

1. Videos are becoming the online shoppers' shopping list.

Shoppers see online videos as a virtual shopping list. They would not need to list down things they need, they would just have to watch the video, and maybe take a screenshot.

For example, if they got inspired to create a DIY necklace by watching your DIY jewelry tutorial videos, they would just have to re-watch once they are already checking out your e-commerce site or physical store. Giving recommendations also is a good thing, especially if a particular material or tool is not available in your shop.

2. Videos keep customers informed.

Posting informational videos about your jewelry items make people more interested in them. For example, if you create a video on how to clean and store fashion rings, your customers will be confident enough to buy from your shop as they would already know how to take care of them.

Also, if potential customers do not know which type of jewelry looks good on them, they can just look for a jewelry style guide video. Topics like this make people a bit more confident about their jewelry shopping as well.

3. Videos influence people's final purchase decisions.

This is where video reviews come in. People tend to trust real reviews from real customers, and these influence their decision to buy your products. Google's recent research also found that more than half of shoppers say video reviews have helped them decide which specific product to purchase.

This is why you should encourage your customers to give you feedback. There is no need to record their actual reviews; making a video of screenshots of your good reviews will do.