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Jewelry from Rio 2016

The Rio 2016 Olympics has been the talk of the town ever since it started early this month. So many memes have been shared on various social media accounts, as well as funny GIFs of Olympians. If you look closer to your screen, you'll notice that the female athletes are wearing jewelry. Yes, there are rules to wearing them though; gymnasts can only wear earrings and rings are a big no-no.  Of course, gymnasts would find it difficult to hold onto the uneven bars if they have rings on their fingers.

And since earrings are basically the only jewelry pieces the female athletes could wear in the game, we'll be highlighting three pairs that are similar to the pieces the USA teams are wearing. Check out these wholesale fashion jewelry pieces you can add to this month's inventory.

Rio jewelry

Photo source: ESPN.com

Aly Raisman wore a pair of stud earrings in blue, red, and white colors. She has been wearing this pair in every competition, probably her lucky charm as she has already won several medals, including a gold medal when she bagged first place in the Women's team all-around category. And here's the similar version from CeriJewelry:

Circular Gold & Siam Top Grade Crystal Earrings
Circular Gold & SIam Top Grade Crystal Earrings

This pair of earrings is made of gold-plated alloy. Guaranteed to shine when hit by light, the top grade crystals are in a gorgeous siam color. Although it doesn't have blue stones like Aly's earrings, the Circular Gold and Siam earrings will definitely make the wearer feel like an Olympian exuding with confidence and girl power. This is then perfect for your young customers who look up to the talented Aly Raisman, and the rest of the USA Gymnastics Team.

simone biles nymag

Photo source: NYmag.com

Simone Biles has been wearing a stunning pair of brilliant stud earrings. Earrings seem to be her favorite piece of jewelry; she stated on her Twitter account a couple of years ago that she feels naked without earrings. Don't we all? Here's Ceri Jewelry's version of Simone's pair of earrings.

Pave Top Grade Crystal Silver Plated Earrings

Pave Top Grade Crystal Silver Plated Earrings

This silver-plated pair of pave earrings is perfect for your customers who love shimmery jewelry. The pieces complement both casual and formal outfits worn any time of the day. Made of alloy, both pieces are studded with clear round-cut top grade crystals. Your customers would love the brilliance of the oblong-shaped pair.

Gabby Douglas was wearing a similar pair; she also goes for sparkly stud earrings. She was recently criticized for failing to place her hand on her heart while the US national anthem played, and also for failing to cheer for her teammates while watching from the stands. People showed their support to the Olympian, including comedian Leslie Jones who started the hashtag, #LOVE4GABBYUSA.

Dazzling Clear Brilliant Round Rhodium Plated Swarovski Elements Earrings

Although not stud earrings, this design is very similar to what Gabby was wearing when she bagged the gold medal. Boasting of a large center crystal in each earring, this pair is made of polished rhodium. Round Swarovski Elements crystals give a brilliant shine when hit with even the faintest light.

Offer more designs of stud earrings to your customers and feel free to check out more designs in our collection!