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Jewelry Organizing Tips: How to Keep Your Store Clutter-Free

A well organized jewelry store is pleasing to the eyes, keeps shopping hassle free and attracts more customers to come in. But with hundred of items in your store and different people checking out and trying out different items in your jewelry display, how can you keep your store clutter free?

If you have spacious jewelry shops with lots of wholesale jewelry on display, you need to device a way to keep everything in order. From the jewelry display, the items on your counter as well as other products that are kept in the stock room should be in order to give your customer a great shopping experience.

Jewelry Display Tips

Since your display is one important factor in keeping your customers interested, you have to make sure that you display is constantly appealing for them. Here are some tips on how you can organize your jewelry display.

  • Assign different areas of your store for different kinds of jewelry and arrange them based on theme, nature, materials used, brand or size.
  • Keep away all the unnecessary items on your display and keep things in their proper places.
  • Advice your staff to put back items on their assigned areas especially during slow business hours
  • Put signs and labels on display racks to make it easier for people to navigate inside your store
  • Put a basket near the counter for returned or unpaid discarded items
  • Put the right price tags and labels on each product to avoid confusion and other unnecessary complaints
  • Keep precious items in a glass jewelry display case that can only be accessed with the help of store staffs

Stock Room Organizing Tips

An unorganized stock room will cause a lot of trouble for jewelry sellers, salesperson and customers. Here are some tips for a clutter free and well organized stock room.

  • Keep an inventory of all your products
  • Keep a log book of all the items that is being released from the stock room as well as the returned items
  • Get different sizes of storage box for different kinds of jewelry and label each box with the contents of each box
  • Have an annual inventory of your products and equipment, and list the things that must be replaced or discarded

With these simple tips, you can keep a good store environment that is both pleasing for your customers as well as your staffs and crews.