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Jewelry Trends for 2020

The end of the year is always an exciting time. Out with the old and in with the new - that’s what we always say as we approach the new year. Closing out 2019 is extra special because this also marks the end of a decade. As we enter 2020, the emergence of new and groundbreaking trends is expected in many industries, and wholesale fashion jewelry is no exception. The following are the hottest trends that you can look forward to when building your 2020 collection:

The Ball Drop

Fresh from the Spring/Summer 2020 runway, balls feature prominently in many designers’ collections. The three-dimensional, classic sphere inspired by planetary forms, Christmas ornaments, or magical crystal balls are seen in many iterations in earrings and pendants.

Oversized Hoops

The hoop is a classic silhouette for earrings, but we will see it turned up a notch in 2020 through oversized, chunky hoops. Aside from the usual precious metals like gold and silver, unconventional materials such as leather and acrylic are also predicted to become really popular.

Single Statement Earrings

More on earrings, 2020 is expected to give a lot of twists on classic pieces. This trend in particular, takes the most basic essence of earrings and takes it for a ride. Instead of wearing earrings as a pair, single earrings that make a bold statement will be very fashionable in the coming year.

Bolder Chokers

We’ve seen a resurgence of chokers in the last few years, but in 2020, expect these neck pieces to go bigger and bolder. Featuring heavier materials and more dramatic silhouettes, these chokers are like nothing we’ve ever seen before.