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Making the Most Out of Cyber Monday

With online shopping and e-commerce reaching more and more consumers every year, Cyber Monday has become an event that’s bigger than ever. Like an online extension of Black Friday, this shopping holiday is quickly becoming an anticipated retail event. And with most shoppers already entering holiday shopping mode, Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to highlight products that are highly giftable or showcase the festive season’s colors.

Make the most of this special day’s high online shopping traffic with these tips for your wholesale fashion jewelry business:

Offer irresistible deals

As everyone is mentally prepared to spend, spend, and spend some more from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, take advantage of this and offer great deals that your customers won’t be able to resist. Whether it’s discounts or freebies, it will not take much to get customers to fill up their carts in preparation for the coming holiday season.

Pick the right mix

Deals abound on Cyber Monday, and with options available left and right, it is important to pay attention to how you can stand out. Make sure that customers add your products to their shopping cart by curating your offerings to fit their needs. After Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas that’s on everyone’s minds, so highlight products that can be given as gifts. Anything red, green, and sparkly would also be highly popular, so make sure that you have these on stock as well. Our wide selection of wholesale jewelry definitely has you covered, whatever the season!

Make it easy - ship for free!

For many customers, the make or break for an online shopping haul comes at the virtual till point or check out. Sometimes, even the best deals can become less interesting when they come with hefty shipping fees, which is why if you could afford it, do away with shipping fees. A common practice is to require a minimum purchase amount to qualify for free shipping, which often even entices customers to buy more. Shoppers get their items delivered for free while you are able to maintain a level of spending among your clients - it’s a win-win! 

On Cyber Monday and beyond, getting shoppers to buy doesn’t have to be that hard. With great deals, great assortment, and great service, loyal customers will surely be within arm’s reach.