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Men and Fashion: A Guide to Wearing Rings

A men wearing fashion rings for men.

Wholesale fashion rings collection are most common to men collectors, however fashion and accessories are more associated with the ladies. Men, on the other hand, are known to wear rings only when they are married or engaged. What some do not know, some men wear rings for reasons other than fashion and marriage.

Unlike women’s rings, men’s are usually bigger and bulky, and they definitely won’t look nice when layered with one another. That being said, there are “rules” for wearing men’s rings, and if you are a wholesale fashion jewelry seller, you might want to read on, so you can share these tips with your customers.

Men’s Wedding Ring

Men's Stainless Steel Circle Design Wedding Band from CeriJewelry
CJE2945 Men's Stainless Steel Circle Design Wedding Band

Let’s start, of course, with the wedding ring or band. This piece is usually worn on the ring or fourth finger. Men in the US normally wear it on their left hand, while men of the Eastern Orthodox church wear wedding bands on their right hand.

On the other hand (pun intended), where you place the wedding ring can also be based on symbolism. Our right hand is believed to be the dominant one; hence, it is called the “physical hand.” The left hand symbolizes the beliefs or character of the person, so it is called the “mental hand.” With that being said, where a man chooses to wear his wedding band solely depends on his beliefs.

Men’s Fashion Ring

Men's Black & Silver Motif Ring from CeriJewelry
CJE2221 Men's Black & Silver Motif Ring

As mentioned above, it is on the fourth finger where men usually place their wedding rings. So if a man wears a fashion ring on the same finger, it can lead other people, particularly women, to think that he is married or engaged.

Fashion rings for men, then, are better worn on the other fingers except for the fourth one. According to ArtofManliness.com, the index finger was the most common location for a man’s ring hundreds of years ago, which was a signet or a crest. This makes the index a good place for the fashion ring. However, the thumb and middle fingers are great alternative places too.

Men’s Military Ring

Stainless Steel "United States Army" Siam Ring from CeriJewelry
CJ7871OS Stainless Steel "United States Army" Siam Ring

Wearing a military ring is an excellent way for men to show off their bravery in battle, and to remind them of their military service. Military rings are generally big and bulky, and therefore very eye-catching. So wearing them at the same place as the wedding ring won’t look very nice. Good locations then are the fourth finger of the other hand or the middle finger because it is said to symbolize balance and responsibility. If you want to wear the military ring on the same hand as the wedding band, the thumb is a good location.

Men’s Masonic Ring

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Masonic Ring from CeriJewelry
CJG1114 IP Gold Plated Stainless Steel Masonic Men's Fashion Ring

Masonic rings represent the brotherhood of Freemasonry, as well as the beliefs it teaches and embraces. As with the military ring, masonic rings are generally bulky as well. With that said, this ring is best worn on the thumb. In some societies, this finger is said to be a sign of influence, making it the perfect location. And yes, big, chunky rings would always look better when worn on the thumb.


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