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Reasons Why Men Wear Wedding Rings

Salute to the men who proudly wear their wedding bands.

Reasons Why Men Wear Wedding Rings

It was not tradition for men to wear a wedding ring or band. This was the case until the 20th century when World War II soldiers would wear rings to remember their wives. The tradition spread even after the war, and it is still followed until today. Some men may have opted not to wear their wedding bands like Prince William or Will Smith, but there are some who are proud to wear theirs. Here are the reasons why they do.

To show the world their relationship status

Reasons Why Men Wear Wedding Rings

Men who wear their wedding bands are proud to let the world know that they are married, that they are lucky to be in that status. When people see your ring, they will treat you differently than someone wearing none.

To remind them of their other half

Reasons Why Men Wear Wedding Rings

As previously mentioned, wedding bands remind men of their other halves. It's a symbol of love and ownership, allowing the wearer to be faithful to their partners. Most cultures believe that a wedding band is an insurance of a man's fidelity as well.

They make a great accessory

Reasons Why Men Wear Wedding Rings

Of course, wedding bands make great accessory as would other wholesale fashion jewelry pieces. They easily match other accessories such as a wristwatch or an ear piercing.  Today, you can also choose from a wide array of wedding band styles, and you can pick one that fits you and your future wife's personality.

But why do some men prefer not to wear a wedding band?

Do you know a married man without a wedding ring? Do not quickly judge. One of the reasons why he doesn't wear one is his job. If a man's occupation mostly requires work using his hands, he is bound to remove his ring. This could be the case for mechanics, bakers, plumbers, and even your gym instructor. His wedding band will get in the way and might also be hazardous.

Reasons Why Men Wear Wedding Rings

Another reason is the comfort. If a man is not yet used to his ring, he may constantly remove it. It could also be he has either lost or gained weight, so the ring does not fit anymore.


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