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Reasons Why Your Jewelry Business Should Be on Instagram

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Learn the benefits of utilizing this social media platform for marketing your jewelry business.

Instagram marketing for any wholesale jewelry business

Instagram currently has more than 25 million business accounts, with more than $7 billion spent on Instagram advertising in 2019. This data just proves that brands find the platform a useful marketing tool.

However, some businesses still do not think that being on Instagram can help boost their sales. They are not convinced that their jewelry business cannot benefit from merely posting photos on the platform.

Instagram likes proves your jewelry business success

They should know that Instagram is not just a photo-sharing site; it’s an effective digital marketing platform. If you are one of these skeptical people, you found the right article. Here are five reasons why you should use Instagram for your business:

1. Customers will be looking for you on Instagram.

Potential customers may be searching for you on Instagram by your business name or by hashtags relevant to your brand. If they do not find you, they will, most likely, be disappointed. There is no reason why you shouldn't be on Instagram. As mentioned above, millions of businesses are on Instagram and are from various industries. Plus, it is the best platform to showcase your retail or wholesale fashion rings and other pieces, as you get to post visually appealing images of them. Use hashtags relevant to your brand and products and your location to make users find you more easily.

2. Your brand can get tagged by users.

What if you give the most excellent customer service and a customer wants to commend you by posting a photo of your jewelry on the platform? If you are on Instagram, your happy customers can tag you, encouraging their followers to check out your page. You are going to miss the opportunity to get new customers if you don't.

3. You can directly sell your jewelry products.

You can directly sell to users by tagging your products and linking them directly to a product catalog from your Facebook page. So make sure to create a product catalog on your Facebook page with all the necessary information.

4. Your competitors are on the platform.

If your competitors are on Instagram and your business isn’t, you are straight out, giving them a competitive advantage. Use them as inspiration for posting styles; look for the posts with the most likes and comments. Learn from your competition and do better.

5. Instagram is a good networking tool.

Instagram is indeed a useful tool for networking with other people and brands in the fashion and jewelry industry. You can do this by liking their posts, commenting, and sending direct messages to users that love fashion jewelry. Build relationships with them and, if possible, collaborate with them too.