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Rose Gold Make the Perfect Best Friend Jewelry

Make rose gold rings available for your customers who are looking for best friend jewelry

Rose Gold Make the Perfect Best Friend Jewelry

We all have that friend whom we treat more like a sister than a friend. You share your deepest, darkest secrets with them and you have done so many firsts together. As a wholesale fashion jewelry seller, we recognize the need for best friend jewelry. Since the rose gold obsession isn't going to stop anytime soon, they make the perfect promise rings you can offer your customers. With that said, we have listed down the reasons why rose gold is the ideal choice when it comes to best friend jewelry.

Flatters all types of skin tones

Rose Gold Make the Perfect Best Friend Jewelry

Whether you have a cool skin tone or a warm skin tone, you'd be sure that rose gold will look good on you. No, it's not some sort of sorcery. Allow me to explain. Silver is ideal for cool skin tones while gold is perfect for warm skin tones. Since rose gold is a mix of gold and copper, this warm pink hue is somewhere in the middle. Rose gold then is a very flexible color, one of the reasons why it's very popular these days.

Complement other jewelry colors

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As with skin tones, rose gold jewelry can also complement different tones of jewelry metals. You can mix and match gold, silver, and rose gold pieces without overdoing your look. This is why tri-tone jewelry sets are a hit, as these pieces look good together and are very versatile.

Matches any personality

Rose Gold Make the Perfect Best Friend Jewelry

Whether you and your best friend are feminine or more the edgy rocker chic types, rose gold rings look perfect on you. It can be feminine and edgy at the same time as they are available in so many different designs. Wholesale fashion jewelry sellers like us make sure that you have so many styles to choose from.

Rose gold, in general, is popular!

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Those rose gold smartphones, watches, makeup, and even hair color are so in trend right now and probably will be for the next decade. That said, you can match your promise rings with every rose gold possession you have. This hue is such a feminine, and romantic color that a majority of women, including celebrities, are in love with everything rose gold.


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