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Rules to Wearing Minimalist Rings

Here’s a style guide for wearing minimalist rings that you can share with your customers.

Rules to Wearing Minimalist Rings

Minimalist jewelry is a popular trend today. In fact, according to one of the biggest e-commerce website platform Shopify, minimalist jewelry is one of the top trending products to sell. That is why there is no reason why you shouldn’t include this type of pieces in your inventory.

Provide the best and memorable shopping experience for your customers. Aside from offering them your best collection of wholesale fashion rings, share with them some tips on how to wear this jewelry. This week, we will focus on the three best ways on how to wear and style minimalist rings.

Layer them all up!

Most minimalist rings have delicate, thin bands. This makes them so much easy to layer in one finger. Although it’s best to go with multiple thin rings, you can also mix them with other minimalist rings with larger designs. For example, you can wear a geometric one and layer it with two to three thin ones of different sizes.

Avoid overpowering styles.

Because they have simple designs, it’s tempting to wear as many minimalist rings as you can. However, you should avoid any clash points. If you are wearing one geometric ring on one finger, do not wear a solitaire ring. What is best to do instead is to wear simpler bands, ones that have really thin widths. These will complement your rings with larger designs.

Don’t be afraid to mix colors.

By colors, we mean the metal plating or finish of the rings. Although you can go all silver with your layered rings for uniformity, you can also go with a mix of gold, rose gold, and silver. The same rule goes for dainty pieces that are studded with gems and crystals. But of course, the colors should either match or perfectly contrast one another and not overpower each other.