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Sales Tips that Will Guarantee an Increase in Your Wholesale Jewelry Business

No matter how long we've been in the wholesale jewelry business, there are always more ways to increase wholesale jewelry sales. Everything from specials, freebies, and free shipping are guaranteed to help us attract more customers and increase revenue. 

Image Credit: wikimedia

To make the most of your wholesale jewelry products, here are sales tips that are guaranteed to help increase your wholesale jewelry sales.

1. More and more customers prefer to have their wholesale jewelry products shipped to their business office or private homes. When shipping wholesale jewelry, don’t forget to include catalogs, brochures, and other pertinent promotions and information that your customer may be interested in. Provide coupons and sales sheets that have the following information: membership information, contact numbers, physical address, website address, new wholesale jewelry arrivals, and wholesale jewelry promotions. Additionally, by including a free wholesale jewelry piece always trigger a second order so you might want to include that as well.

2. Move wholesale jewelry around. Constantly change your wholesale jewelry display to provide your clientele variety. If they notice that you display the same wholesale jewelry sets all the time, they might think that you are not exerting extra effort to attract your customers’ interest and attention. By moving wholesale jewelry around, clients can see wholesale earrings that they might have missed during their first visit. Keep in tune with the holidays as this will inspire you what type of theme you could use for your shop and wholesale jewelry items. Make your customers excited and interested so that they will be encouraged to make big wholesale jewelry purchases.

3. Keep wholesale jewelry items fresh and novel. Purchase wholesale jewelry weekly or monthly to keep your customers intrigued. Inform them when new arrivals of wholesale jewelry will come in so that they can see the pieces first hand. If customers see the same wholesale bracelets or wholesale earrings all the time, this might trigger a sale. Search for wholesale jewelry suppliers that have a low minimum order requirement to allow you to purchase small amounts of wholesale jewelry regularly.

4. Specials, discounts, and closeouts are good marketing techniques. Who doesn't love a good sale, right? When certain wholesale gemstones or wholesale sterling silver jewelry doesn't sell as fast as you’d expect it to, make a special out of it. At the same time, be sure that you also have more expensive wholesale jewelry items available. Some good choices are wholesale pearl jewelry and wholesale bridal jewelry. These styles are a hit all year round so it’s best to make them available all the time.