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The Dos and Don'ts of Online Jewelry Selling

The Dos and Don'ts of Online Jewelry Selling

Whether you are a small-time online jewelry shop owner or a reputed wholesale fashion jewelry seller, you'd know that not all marketing strategies are successful. One might work for you but might not work for another shop. That is why it is crucial to study your market and your niche among many others.

Today, we created a 'dos and don'ts' list to guide you on how to garner significant returns over time.


Build a reputable online store

If you want people to trust your site, make sure to create an e-commerce store in known platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. These platforms have particular templates that are specially made for jewelry shops. Choose a theme that matches your brand's theme and persona, and do make sure that your site is also mobile responsive and mobile-friendly.

Make several payment options available.

Customers love it when online stores offer multiple payment options. So try to make not just one or two payment methods available; go with three or more. There's the debit card, credit card, bank transfer, mobile payment, and our personal favorite method of all as a customer -- pay on delivery. If you make the payment process in your site easier, there is a bigger chance that customers will purchase from your shop again and become loyal customers.

Keep your product descriptions detailed and provide high-quality images.

Do not forget to include factual and detailed information in each jewelry piece listing so interested users won't go into the trouble of sending queries. Otherwise, you will be wasting precious time and risk losing these potential customers. The same goes for product photos -- ensure that you upload pictures that can be zoomed in for users to see the nooks and crannies and other details of the piece.

Create promotions and contests.

One effective way to raise brand awareness and exposure is by hosting promotions and contests. With these strategies, you can pique the interests of other users, encouraging them to purchase your products. You can also create promos exclusively for past customers to make them come back to your online shop. Another option is to give them a special discount or freebie every time they refer a new buying customer to your store.

Advertise on social media.

Facebook and Instagram ads are one of the best ads there is on the internet today. They have micro-targeting features that allow you to reach your exact target audience based on the demographics. You also don't have to shell out a considerable amount of money to make your ads visible to them. Although promoting your products on your social media accounts may seem enough, advertising on these sites will surely boost your exposure.


Don't sell a particular fashion jewelry design if there is no demand for it.

This is one of the most common mistakes of jewelry sellers. A specific design or jewelry piece might not be in-trend at the moment, so instead of uploading this product on your online store, keep it in your inventory in the meantime. Always prioritize the in-trend designs.

Do not sell jewelry that you personally like.

Always think of what your target customers want. If there is a particular design that you absolutely love and want to add in your inventory, make sure that it is something your customers would want. Otherwise, these pieces will just fall into your slow-moving products category.

Don't sell jewelry without checking the latest costs.

Selling your pieces without knowing the latest costs is a big no-no. You will either get shortchanged or get no sales at all because you are selling them at too high a cost. Keep in mind that prices of precious metals and certain crystals are continually changing so always be updated with the current rates.

Don't forget to create social media pages or accounts for your brand.

Social proof is very important for all brands in this digital age. Users will immediately tag your site as sketchy if you do not have at least a Facebook and Instagram account. Doing so also helps consumers to research on your brand, get to know you, and take a peek at your available products. You can also interact with customers on a personal level through these platforms.

Do not ignore customer queries.

Never ever ignore messages from users. Whether they are interested or not, make sure to acknowledge their messages. Seen-zoning customers are absolutely rude. The same rule applies to comments. Regardless if these are negative or positive, make sure to reply to these comments, especially if it's the former. As for the latter, never forget to thank them for their kind words.