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The Perfect Wholesale Jewelry Collection for the Holidays

Retailers should start stocking up on wholesale jewelry collections to prepare for the holiday shopping season. Many women will be purchasing the latest fashion trends in wholesale jewelry. While women will buy just about anything that they’ve set their hearts on, we at CERIJewelry.com would like to give jewelry business owners a heads up on what wholesale jewelry sets and collections to display for maximum profits.

Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry
Women will party the evenings away in colorful ensembles, which is why it’s important to offer female clients fashion jewelry accessories in a multitude of colors to match with any kind of evening wear. Wholesale cocktail rings embellished with aquamarine, amethyst, rose gold cubic zirconia, and olivine gemstones will definitely be best-sellers. The playful shades allow women to wear anything they like without having to worry if their fashion accessories match their outfits.

Wholesale Animal-Inspired Jewelry
Wholesale animal-inspired jewelry is a bit of a fashion risk since not many fashionistas are willing to accessorize with bold animal-inspired fashion jewelry. True-blue fashion divas, on the other hand, are brave enough to wear animal-inspired rings and necklaces, exuding the same confidence they have when wearing the average wholesale jewelry styles. Invest in wholesale jewelry featuring butterflies, frogs, snakes, and cats to indulge the whims of your adventurous female clientele.
Wholesale Nature-Inspired Jewelry
What else could be more sophisticated and polished than wholesale jewelry accented with clear and black genuine nature stones, or wholesale opal jewelry? Wholesale jewelry is not just for fashionable women; style conscious men can indulge in wholesale men’s jewelry as well. Retailers should keep merchandise up to date with wholesale men’s jewelry adorned with opal or black genuine nature stones in sterling silver, butterfly styles, and gold tone jewelry which are widely popular. Not only will women buy fashion jewelry for the men in their lives, but they will certainly appreciate retail jewelry stores who would go out of their way to cater to male clients.

Wholesale jewelry collections may be present throughout the year, but retailers should keep in trend with the season and display collections that are perfect for each specific time of the year to get maximum profits. With the right wholesale jewelry on display, customers are bound to flock your store anytime of the day.