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The Right Ring for People with Skin Allergies

For fashion forward ladies, having jewelry allergies can be really frustrating. Imagine not being able to wear rings because of the fear of having that itchy, red and swollen skin around your fingers. It’s not only ugly to look at but can also cause serious health problems that can be an issue when not treated immediately.
Although some wholesale jewelry may cause a little discomfort, it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid wearing accessories altogether. By learning about different components of the jewelry you buy and the things that might cause some allergic reactions, you can still get a striking jewelry without the pain of allergy.

Here are some types of ring that you can still wear despite having sensitive skin.

1.    Sterling silver



There are three grades: fine silver, sterling silver and silver plated. If you want to avoid having allergic reactions but don’t have enough budget for fine silver, you opt to purchase wholesale jewelry in sterling silver. Silver plated rings may have nickel alloy inside it that when the silver coating wear off, it may still irritate your skin.

2.    Titanium rings



Although this might be a little expensive, titanium rings are also great for people with nickel allergies. It is also believed to be one of the most durable type of metal jewelry plus it also looks sophisticated and contemporary. If you’re going to visit wholesale jewelry online, you will find a lot of wonderfully designed fashion rings in titanium.

3.    Stainless Steel rings


It’s durable, scratch resistant, don’t easily tarnish and hypo allergenic. If you want to wear fashion rings without worrying about itchiness around your ring finger, sterling jewelry can actually be a smart choice. And because it is more affordable, you will have the opportunity to wear different fashion rings without overspending.
Although it can be a little challenging to find jewelry that won’t harm your sensitive skin, you can still enjoy being fashionable while avoiding those irritating allergies. Just don’t forget to educate yourself about different types of metals or ask your jeweler about the best option for you.