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Tips to a Hassle Free and Organized Jewelry Collection

Having a lot of choices when it comes to the accessory you can wear with your outfits can be extremely exciting. Imagine owning a big jewelry collection that can let you mix and match jewelry pieces until you come up with the perfect look for any occasion.
Tips to a Hassle Free and Organized Jewelry Collection
But having a huge collection can also be stressful at times. If you’re not entirely careful, your beloved baubles can be tarnished, misplaced or even broken. Here are some simple ways to help you keep a hassle free and organized wholesale jewelry collection.

1. Purchase quality jewelry organizers

Having the right kind of jewelry organizer can definitely help you have a clutter free collection. Buy storage boxes with compartments to help you sort through your jewelry easily. There are also stackable jewelry organizers which can help you organize your space. It also lets you see your jewelry without having to dig through pile of accessories.

2. Hang necklaces to keep it from being tangled with other pieces

Necklaces, especially long ones can be quite complicated as it can get tangled with other pieces of jewelry. To avoid this, it is important to find a way to keep it organized, unless you want to waste hours untangling each piece before being able to wear it.
One great way to do keep your necklaces in check is to hang it on a hook or placing it in individual place holder. If you want to have a DIY jewelry organizer, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and can help you find a way to hang your wholesale fashion jewelry creatively.

3. Get rid of broken, worn out pieces

You might have a lot of necklaces or bracelets in your jewelry box, but how many of it are in good condition? Sort through your jewelry collection and eliminate those pieces that you no longer wear or are already out fashioned. If you have broken necklaces or rings, consider bringing it to a jewelry repair shop or have it re-purposed into a new accessory.

4. Keep a personal inventory of your collection

Sometimes, when you have a lot of jewelry in your collection, it can be hard to keep track of your properties. This is especially true if you own precious jewelry like your gold engagement rings, wedding bands and other precious metals. Keep track of your collection by taking a simple inventory of your items. You can do so by simply taking a photo of each of your jewelry or just putting a label on your jewelry box.