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Tips for a Memorable Trunk Show: How to Engage Customers on the Big Day

  • by admin
  • 2 min read
Doing a trunk show is undeniably one of the best marketing activities you can do for your business. Although it demands careful planning and effective implementation, hosting a trunk show lets you learn more about your business, your customers and the jewelry industry as a whole.
Tips For A Memorable Trunk Show - Engaging Customer On The Big Day
In our previous blog post, we’ve talked to you about key points that you have to remember when while planning a trunk show. As a continuation, we will talk about different ways to engage your customers and how you can leave an impression that will surely last even after the show.
Here are some things that you should remember when talking to your customers during trunk shows.

1. Keep the number of your guests manageable

Trunk show is a great opportunity to connect with your loyal customers and brand ambassadors. To keep it fun and intimate, limit the number of your guests to a certain number where you can be sure to talk and interact properly with them.
Consider the size of your venue and the different products on display when sending out invites. As much as possible, try to take note of your customers style and personality like their profession, hobbies or fashion taste so you can be more confident

2. Create a fun and unique display

The way you layout the room and how you display your jewelry pieces will absolutely affect the attitude of your guests during the show. Take your time to create an impressive and practical display. Allot some space to let the guests roam around and try on different products and designate a place where they can talk and mingle with each other.

3. Introduce your products

Aside from putting labels and tags on each of your jewelry piece, it will also help to introduce your selection to your customers. Tell them stories about how you were able to come up with a particular collection and give them ideas on the materials used in each piece. Encourage them to buy your products by telling them how it will fit with their outfit or giving them ideas how to mix and match it with other jewelry.
If you’re hesitant to discuss about your wholesale jewelry suppliers, you can at least tell them about where you source your supplies, especially if you order them from other parts of the country or even abroad. The way you introduce your brand will show how passionate you are about your business and will increase the bond between you and your buyers.