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Tips on Displaying Small Delicate Jewelry

Displaying your jewelry must be one of the most challenging parts of owning a physical jewelry store but once you get it right, you certainly get the benefit of attracting many shoppers into your store.
Tips on Displaying your Small delicate jewelryWith the holiday season fast approaching, preparing your display table is definitely one of the things that you must accomplish early on so you still have a lot of time to check other things in your holiday shopping to do list.
Aside from using eye catching colors and props, it’s also important to get your hands on jewelry display sets that will let you showcase different jewelry while keeping your inventory safe from theft or damages. Especially if you’re selling small delicate items like stud earrings, body jewelry, or kid’s jewelry, you have to make sure that each piece will stand out on their own, while going extra mile to keep it in place and prevent it from falling on the floor or missing a pair.
Here are some useful tips to remember when display small delicate jewelry.

1. Display them in groups

Unlike large jewelry, small items tend to easily get lost especially when there’s a large crowd inside your store. You can use earring stand for small stud earrings or multiple bar stand for drop earrings.

2. Make use of earring cards and tags

Another way to keep your small earrings from getting lost is by using earring tags. It helps in organizing your jewelry and lets you hang your piece on rotating display racks or stands. Aside from that, earring cards can also be used as promotional material where you can display your logo and contact information.

3. Display it as a part of a set

Selling small jewelry as a part of a set is a good way to present it to your customer since it gives them fresh ideas on how they can wear your jewelry with other piece of jewelry.

4. Use props to elevate or draw attention to smaller items

Props are definitely a must-have in displaying your jewelry. However, when displaying small delicate pieces, your props should highlight your piece and not obstruct the views of your customers. Choose your props carefully and go for items that are in neutral colors to avoid overpowering the details of your gems.
Take a look at your current display and see how small delicate pieces are being displayed on your table. Make the necessary adjustment where it is needed make your jewelry shine no matter how small they are.