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Trendy Jewelry for 2014 Fall Wedding

As we approach the last quarter of the year, you will notice a couple of your friends getting engaged or tying the knot. This is also the time when you will see wedding invitations piling up on your mailbox and even in your social media newsfeed.
It is no surprise that a lot of couple choose to say “I do” during the fall season. The lovely hues of fall as well as the cold weather make it the ideal dates for romantic weddings. In fact, the months of August to December have become an exceedingly popular choice among couples that it almost beat the month of June as the Americas wedding season.
Whether you are a bridesmaid, a close family member or a guest, it’s important to get your wardrobe ready for this year’s upcoming weddings. No matter what the themes or motifs of those weddings, you are sure to find exciting jewelry that perfectly go well with any chosen outfit.
Check out these top fall jewelry to wear on a romantic fall wedding.


Trendy RIng Jewelry for 2014 Fall Wedding
Perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to accessorize a formal dress is by wearing a cocktail ring on your finger. You can choose to keep it dainty by wearing a stainless steel ring with small cubic zirconia stone or getting a classic pearl ring with modern twist. Bring bold color into your dress by wearing gorgeous cocktail rings to match your outfit.


Trendy Bracelet Jewelry for 2014 Fall Wedding
Bangles or charm bracelets are definitely a must have in every women’s jewelry collection. Look at different bracelets from your favorite wholesale jewelry store and see if you can find jewelry in fall colors like violet, maroon, orange or black to reflect this season’s fashion trend. You can also pair your fashion rings with a cuff bracelet to complement the style and elegance of your jewelry.


Trendy Earrings  Jewelry for 2014 Fall Wedding
Add a touch of elegance to your cocktail dress with these Swarovski elements crystal drop earrings. These sleek and modern earrings are ideal for day or early evening weddings and will look great on dresses in colors violet, maroon, and blue or pink. If you’re looking for other alternatives, a Swarovski elements crystal half hoop earrings or a cascading drop leaf earring are just of your best choices.


Trendy Necklace  Jewelry for 2014 Fall WeddingWhen attending a wedding, you may want to keep your look neat and stylish so as not to steal the attention away from the newlyweds. To do this, avoid wearing large and chunky necklaces and switch to a simple chain necklace instead. Wear a lovely rhodium plated heart pendant with Swarovski crystals or a brilliant round rhodium plated pendant on your favorite cocktail or tea length dress to keep everything simple and elegant on that special day.