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Wedding Ring Metals and Styles and What They Say About You

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Recommending wedding bands to customers is much easier if you know what each ring metal and style symbolizes or represents.

white gold wedding bands on top of a small bouquet of flowers
White gold wedding bands are the current popular choice among brides today.

The wedding ring or band is a symbol of marriage and has existed as long as the idea of marriage itself. This ring dates as far back as Ancient Egypt, where ancient Egyptians used woven hemp or reeds to make them.

Today, wedding rings are made of various materials and come in many different designs. And when it comes to picking out a wedding ring or band, it’s all about getting the piece that the person exactly wants since they will be wearing this piece of jewelry for the rest of their life. Whatever design they choose, the ring they pick says a lot about them and their personal style.

There are many types of wedding rings today that you can sell to your customers. And one way to market these pieces is to provide a personality guide on each wedding ring type. Apparently, each design corresponds to certain personality traits, and well, they are pretty fun to know!  

So without further ado, here are the different wedding ring metals and styles and what they say about the wearer:

Wedding Ring Metals

macro photography of yellow gold wedding bands with frosted fern at the background
Yellow gold is the traditional wedding ring metal.

1. Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

Yellow gold wedding bands are the classic choice. It exudes timelessness and has been the standard wedding jewelry for years. Today, it is said to still be the most common choice for men.

Yellow gold metal rings say that you are a sentimental person and into following traditions. You rarely get out of your comfort zone and are content with what you currently have.

2. White Gold Wedding Ring

White gold is currently the popular choice among brides at 7%, and only 34% of grooms prefer white gold wedding bands. 

This metal says that you are a stylish person who prefers sophisticated, classy clothing. You are more into fine jewelry and love attending formal events. 

3. Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Rose gold bands are metallic pink rings made of a blend of pure yellow gold, copper metals, and silver metals. This metal first became all the rage in Russia in the 1800s. It rose to popularity in the US in the 1920s because of the Cartier Trinity ring. 

Rose gold says that you are a unique person who likes to get out of the norm, creative, and a hopeless romantic. You love the old-world charm and love anything vintage.

4. Platinum Wedding Ring

Platinum is a rare, durable, and heavy metal. It can be quite pricey too. Platinum rings are best with engravings because they appear sharpest in this metal.

People who choose platinum are natural perfectionists. They are confident, follow a routine, and rarely procrastinate. They like to get everything done on schedule.

5. Tungsten Wedding Ring

Titanium is the hardest known natural metal in the world. It has been found that 16% of people choose titanium as their wedding ring metal. 

Because of its durability and uniqueness, people who choose titanium are those who are strong-willed. They are very committed to their partners and would do anything to make their relationship work.

Wedding Ring Styles

creative photo of rose gold wedding rings of bride and groom
Plain wedding rings are still preferred by many.

1. Plain Wedding Ring

Plain bands are wedding rings with a smooth surface with no stones or designs. These rings are perfect for those who are traditional and minimalist and have jobs that require working with their hands a lot.

2. Gemstone Wedding Ring

Gemstones, whether natural or lab-made, add a vibrant pop of beautiful color to wedding bands. They are usually the preferred ring of choice of people who like unique styles and those who prefer to make bold statements with their accessories.

3. Eternity Wedding Ring

Eternity rings are those bands that feature natural or lab-made crystals set all around the band. They are a symbol of eternal and passionate love, making them the perfect wedding ring design. Eternity bands are the ideal rings for people who consider themselves outgoing, risk-takers, yet affectionate to friends and family.

4. Twisted Wedding Ring

Twisted rings are pieces characterized by twisted, woven, or braided designs. These uniquely designed wedding bands are ideal for those who are soulful, love the hipster style, and are fashion-forward. They like uniquely designed jewelry and love matching them with fun wardrobe pieces.

5. Engraved Wedding Ring

Engraved bands are those pieces that boast detailed, intricate carvings on the surface. They are usually more expensive because they take longer to create. Engraved rings are perfect for those who love all things vintage and whimsical.

Matching Wedding Band Styles

matching wedding bands for bride and groom on sago palm tree
His and Hers wedding rings are perfect for couples who love to do everything together.

1. Matching Engagement and Wedding Rings

A matching engagement and wedding ring set is the best choice for perfectionists. They are usually people who have a type-A personality, have excellent attention to detail, follow a routine, and have impeccable tastes.

2. His and Hers Wedding Rings

People who go for customized wedding bands for both the bride and groom show that they are true romantics! They are proud of their partners, passionate, hopeless romantics, and love to do everything together.

3. Stackable Wedding Bands

Finally, the stackable style of wedding ring sets usually includes three or more rings. They are perfect for those who have long, slender fingers and love wearing multiple accessories. They are usually fashion trendsetters as well. 


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