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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Spotlight: Wholesale Topaz Jewelry for November

Topaz is the birthstone of those who are born during the month of November. Topaz, as a gemstone, comes in many shades, the most common of which are wine, yellow, pale gray, blue-brown, and reddish-orange. Sometimes, topaz appears in shades of white, pale green, blue, gold, pink (though rare), reddish-yellow, and even comes in opaque. Rare varieties include the Blue Topaz and Orange-red Imperial Topaz. 

To enhance its appearance, topaz is nearly always treated. This is done with heat or sometimes with coatings. Temporary treatments are available as well as more permanent ones, and if done correctly, these beautiful gemstones last a lifetime. With its etymology deriving from the Indian Sanskrit word tapas, topaz means “fire”. Some say, though, that the name actually comes from the Island of Topazos located in the Red Sea because it was in this place that ancient Romans obtained a stone which they called “topaz,” but what was actually modern chrysolite or peridot.

As the birthstone for November, those born between the days of October 24th and November 21st also share Topaz as their birthstones, as these individuals belong to the Scorpio zodiac. If you have friends born during these dates, purchase wholesale fashion jewelry with topaz CZ stones embellishing these gorgeous jewelry pieces. 

Wholesale rings that feature topaz as its centerpiece are very feminine, with its yellowish shade sitting atop bands of sterling silver, stainless steel, or rhodium plated rings. Wholesale earrings, especially those that dangle and suspend gorgeous CZ stones in shades of topaz, are ultra-chic, adding a feminine touch to the face. Wholesale fashion jewelry, such as wholesale necklaces, are also perfect wedding anniversary gifts for couples celebrating their 4th and 9th year of marriage together. 

For the ultimate wholesale fashion jewelry gift, look for wholesale cocktail rings, wholesale bracelets, wholesale pendants, and wholesale earrings that feature gorgeous shades of blue, red, and intense pink as these are the ones that are really rare and most desirable.