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Wholesale Jewelry Spotlight: Cocktail Rings

Since the 1940’s the cocktail ring has long been popular and has remained true to what it is – large-sized gemstone rings. Though these have been around for centuries, it was only in the recent years that it has made a comeback – and what a huge comeback it is!

In the past, cocktail rings were only worn during cocktail parties. Now these fabulous wholesale jewelry rings can be seen everywhere and at every occasion. It used to be that cocktail rings were made with diamonds or other precious stones. Now, at its heyday, these fabulous wholesale jewelry pieces are made even more affordable and accessible to the fashion-conscious common folk.

Cocktail rings come in a variety of colors and sizes. Wholesale cubic zirconia rings are among the most popular choices as it comes with the most whimsical of colors, and high-fashion design. They are set in sterling silver, gold tone, or even both! They can be worn with anything – from red carpet fashion to summer dresses and from formal events to denims and a tee. A wholesale jewelry cocktail ring adds a dash of drama and glam to an otherwise boring outfit.

As cocktails rings have been around for so long, it is a guarantee that they are here to stay and will be around in the years to come. As fashionable as they are, these wholesale jewelry cocktail rings give a whole new meaning to the definition of classic and timeless jewelry.

A tip to those in the jewelry business: load up on wholesale jewelry pieces such as glamorous cocktail rings. Find wholesale jewelry cocktail rings that make eye-popping statements, bold and dramatic, and conversation-starters. With the varying tastes of women along with the timelessness of wholesale jewelry cocktail rings, your wholesale jewelry pieces will still be and always be on the lookout for seasons to come.