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Why Offer Minimalist Rings to Your Customers

These dainty pieces may just be your best sellers. Here are reasons why minimalist fashion rings are worth adding to your inventory this season.

Cocktail rings are gorgeous, eye-catching pieces of jewelry. However, not all may be fans of these extravagantly designed pieces. This is why as a jewelry shop, you should also be able to cater to customers who prefer simpler designs or what they call minimalist rings.

What are minimalist fashion rings?

A minimalist ring is a ring with understated, simple, and delicate designs. These rings can be worn to subtly enhance one’s overall look. Minimalist rings often feature one focal stone or design with clean, simple silhouettes.

Because of their simplicity, minimalist rings have been a favorite among fashionistas everywhere. So if you have not made these pieces available in your store, it’s time you do. Here are five other reasons why minimalist rings are worth selling, as well as dainty pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection:

#1 Affordable pieces of beauty

CJ109 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel AAA Grade Clear Cubic Zirconia Minimal Chevron Ring

Because they have simpler designs, they are usually sold at much more affordable prices. So if you are a startup jewelry business, you can start by selling minimalist jewelry. You will be able to save even more when you buy them in bulk.

#2 Come in many gorgeous designs

CJ3730 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel Clear AAA Grade CZ Constellation Cuff Ring

Ring lovers will go gaga with the endless variety of minimalist ring designs! You can find pieces in different metal platings -- rose gold, yellow gold, rhodium plating, and various on-trend styles. There are rings with or without stones and pieces that come in sets. So make sure to offer an extensive assortment of minimalist rings for your customers to choose from.

#3 Classy and elegant without going overboard

CJ3744 Wholesale Women's IP Black Stainless Steel White Top Grade Crystal Minimal Ring

Minimalist rings give off such elegance and beauty that they can immediately level up one’s overall look. You can wear one or multiple rings with a casual or formal outfit and look more elegant without going overboard. Minimalist rings give the wearer a polished and refined look effortlessly.

#4 Easy to match with

Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel Clear AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia Minimal Chevron Ring

Because they are small, minimalist rings are so easy to match with other jewelry. You can wear more minimalist pieces of jewelry or match one with statement pieces. These rings do not overcomplicate a look; instead, they give a splash of elegance.

#5 Versatile pieces of jewelry

Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia Clear Solitaire Minimal Bubble Ring

Let’s be honest -- many ring designs don't really fit well with all finger types and the rings that are already on your fingers. But minimalist rings are very versatile in that they complement any existing rings. Most minimalist ring designs work with every finger type, and you can stack pieces together if you want to add some extra oomph.

Also, minimalist rings can be worn by people who love the clean, simple style, as well as by people who prefer bold and busy patterns. These dainty pieces are truly versatile!