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Why Sell Self-Love Rings

Find out why marketing heart rings as self-love rings can be a hit among your customers.

Self-love is definitely important but is often ignored. Without it, some people can feel much more insecure about themselves, feel constantly anxious, or generally hate themselves. These feelings can lead to self-depreciation. That is why a person needs to love and care for themself first, before learning to love others. 

And because we are currently facing a crisis right now, self-love is important more than ever. 

What exactly is self-love?       

Self-love means you fully accept yourself, treat yourself with respect and kindness, and take time to nurture your growth and wellbeing. When you love yourself, you are filled with positivity. 

It encompasses not only how you treat yourself but also your feelings about yourself. So, when you visualize self-love, you imagine what you would do for yourself that would make you happy and fulfilled.

What are self-love rings?

Many people are in need of something to remind them to love themselves. Wearing a self-love ring is one. Similar to promise rings, self-love rings symbolize commitment, but instead of with a partner, the latter represents your commitment to yourself and is a daily reminder to practice self-care.

Although they are generally designed with a heart, you can choose any ring styles to market to your customers. As long as it has designs that represent love, commitment, care, and happiness, they can be considered self-love rings.

What are the best examples of self-love rings?

CeriJewelry has many rings from their wholesale fashion jewelry collection that can pass as self-love rings. Here are three of our favorites:

CJ235 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel High polished AAA Grade CZ Orange Heart Ring

This stainless steel piece comes with brilliant triple-A grade CZ stones and a single orange stone at the center of the heart. This is ideal for your customers looking for a self-love ring with a simple design.

CJG1247 Wholesale Red Heart CZ Stainless Steel Ring

Similar to a solitaire engagement ring, this stainless steel piece boasts a gorgeous ruby-colored center stone and rectangle-cut clear CZ at both sides. This self-love ring is perfect for wearing with any type of outfit.

CJE2863 Wholesale Stainless Steel AAA Grade CZ Heart Cocktail Ring

For your customers who want cocktail rings, this piece is your best bet. It features a garnet-colored heart-shaped CZ stone and sparkly clear CZ crystals. The band is also shaped into the infinity symbol.

These rings and other heart designs belong to CeriJewelry's vast collection of wholesale fashion rings. Do check the website out in case you need to replenish your inventory!

Practice self-love and self-care. Be kind to yourself. Stay safe.