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Why women should look up to Jennifer Aniston

"We are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child."

Recently, Jennifer Aniston wrote a powerful open letter where she voiced out her opinions on how the media treat women. She shut down pregnancy rumors and body-shamers for the nth time. She said that the media should stop tearing women down and quit lowering their self-esteem. The gifted actor encourages women to decide for themselves and not let the media decide for them. Women should never be judged by marital and maternal status. Way to go, Jennifer!

That said, she makes the perfect role model for women empowerment. Any woman should feel beautiful and confident, no matter what her size is and what she's wearing. Thus, it's an excellent idea to create a Girl Power-themed inventory for your shop. Stock up on wholesale fashion jewelry pieces that look like pieces Jennifer loves to wear.

Jennifer is one of Hollywood's fashion icons and is loved by many. America's sweetheart loves wearing accessories, like bracelets and cuffs. She wore a cuff and thin bracelets with her all-black outfit at the Los Angeles Premiere of "She's Funny That Way." Jennifer also wore a couple of bracelets at the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards last year.


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