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Writing About Wholesale Jewelry

While a picture is worth a thousand words, you still need words to fill in the gaps where images will not suffice. Looking at a beautiful photo is great in itself, but when it is complemented by powerful words, it becomes an effective marketing communication tool. When writing about your wholesale jewelry, you need to select the right words that will convince an interested shopper to become an actual customer. Buying wholesale jewelry online is a challenging process because you are required to purchase items in bulk without being able to physically touch them. Thus, good pictures are a must and so is an effective copy.

When writing about your wholesale jewelry, you do not need to spend extra on the services of a copywriter. All you need are these simple and easy-to-follow steps.

1. Avoid clichés. You may be tempted to describe your wholesale jewelry pieces as beautiful, elegant and stylish but try your best to steer away from these very common adjectives. Your catalogue may be genuinely beautiful, elegant and stylish but so is your competitor’s. Stand out among the bulk of wholesale jewelry retailers by being more creative with the words you use. For example, instead of saying “elegant pair of cubic zirconia earrings”, you could say “cubic zirconia jewelry in a classic monochromatic shade.”

2. Be specific. Myth: You have a lot of wholesale jewelry pieces to write about, so you can’t be too specific with each item’s description. False. Once you have presented your catalogue to potential customers, there is no reason to not exert the extra effort in providing detailed descriptions for each item. For example, instead of simply saying, “a lovely piece of jewelry that will make you stand out”, why not try “a handcrafted piece of jewelry that will make you stand out during formal gatherings”? This way, you are presenting your customers a better and more specific idea of why they should choose your product.

3. Write headlines that grab the attention of customers. Instead of the usual declarative forms, why not begin your product description with a question? Opt for words that pique the interest. Avoid words such as “buy” and “cost.” Instead, appeal to your customer’s emotions by using words, such as “value”, “save,” and “precious.”