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CJ7711OS Wholesale Stainless Steel Men's Masonic Ring

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This men's stainless steel Masonic ring boasts a simple yet striking design. It features the Freemasonry symbol and a clear top-grade crystal at the top.

Perfect for the stylish man who wants to make a bold statement, this handsome Masonic ring is a perfect choice. A bed of black metal highlights a stylish Masonic logo embellished with top-of-the-line cubic zirconia stones and rendered in stainless steel. Stainless steel jewelry is durable and does not tarnish. Not only is stainless steel one of the strongest metals, but it also does not oxidize. Stainless steel jewelry can be easily cleaned with warm water and a clean cloth, thus forgoing purchasing expensive jewelry cleaners. In addition, those who are allergic to nickel can wear stainless steel jewelry as it is a hypo-allergenic product.
Size: Size 13

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