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Loyalty Points Terms and Conditions




The Ceri Jewelry Rewards Point Program is available to all registered accounts. A participant will accumulate Loyalty Points for the following actions relating to his or her account. One email campaign will be sent out per month with the coupon code for every 1,000 points. Only 1 coupon code with the $50 reward can be redeemed per month.

Members may not redeem or exchange accumulated rewards points for cash. Points hold no cash value and will not be returned to your account for returned product purchased with Reward Gift Cards. Loyalty Points are not transferable for any reason. Members may only earn points for one email address sign-up per account or participant. Loyalty Points can only be earned for one email address per referral. Loyalty points may only be earned and are not available for purchase.



Loyalty Points may only be redeemed on www.cerijewelry.com. Loyalty Points may only be redeemed for Reward Gift Cards in the minimum amount of $50 toward future Ceri Jewelry product purchases over $150. Unless otherwise indicated by Ceri Jewelry, Reward Gift Cards may be used in conjunction with discounts or offers granted by Ceri Jewelry. Ceri Jewelry may limit the number of Loyalty Points or Reward Gift Cards which may be redeemed at one time. Participants must accumulate.

1,000 Rewards Points before being eligible to redeem a $50 Reward Gift Card. Participants with less than 1,000 Loyalty Points will not be able to redeem Rewards Points until they have acquired at least 1,000 Loyalty Points. Participants wishing to redeem Rewards Points will receive a $50 Reward Gift Card for every 1,000 Points. Reward Gift Cards can be used toward your next product purchase over $150. The participant is solely responsible for updating the email address on file through your Ceri Jewelry account via www.cerijewelry.com.

Ceri Jewelry is not responsible for Rewards Gift Cards redeemed by any other authorized users accessing their account or replacing lost, stolen, or expired Reward Gift Cards. Rewards Points will be deducted from the participant’s account immediately upon redemption. Rewards Gift Cards are available for one time use and are valid for 30 days from redemption. Reward Gift Cards cannot be used toward prior purchases. Restrictions may apply. Rewards Points are valid for 12 months from date earned and any remaining points will expire and be automatically forfeited and deducted from the participant’s account upon expiration. Participants are responsible to check their account and notify Ceri Jewelry of any Reward Point errors within 30 days. Any points awarded in error are subject to correction by Ceri Jewelry without notice and Ceri Jewelry reserves the right to collect the cash value for any unearned points redeemed.



The information you provide will be handled in accordance with the Ceri Jewelry privacy policy available at http://www.cerijewelry.com /terms_use#privacy.



Participation in the Ceri Jewelry’s Rewards Point Program is a privilege granted by Ceri Jewelry and as such can be suspended, revoked or terminated at any time by Ceri Jewelry for any reason. In the event of termination of your participation, all benefits including all earned Loyalty Points and other program benefits will automatically and immediately be forfeited.