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Template Settings

1. Home pages configuration

# Page Name Page HTML (Content tab) Page XML (Design tab) Layout
1. Home Page sources\demo\pages\home_page.phtml sources\demo\pages\home_page.xml 1 column
2. About Us sources\demo\pages\about_us.phtml NA 1 column
3. Customer Service sources\demo\pages\customer_service.phtml NA 1 column
4. Privacy Policy sources\demo\pages\privacy_policy.phtml NA 1 column
5. Shipping & Delivery sources\demo\pages\shipping-delivery.phtml NA 1 column
6. FAQ sources\demo\pages\faq.phtml NA 1 column
7. Support sources\demo\pages\support.phtml NA 1 column
8. Guarantee sources\demo\pages\guarantee.phtml NA 1 column
9. Secure payment sources\demo\pages\secure-payment.phtml NA 1 column
10. Terms & Conditions sources\demo\pages\terms-conditions.phtml NA 1 column

2. Static blocks configuration

# Block Name Block Title Identifier Content
1. Footer column content 1 Footer column content 1 footer_col_1 sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_1.phtml
2. Footer column content 2 Footer column content 2 footer_col_2 sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_2.phtml
3. Footer column content 3 Footer column content 3 footer_col_3 sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_3.phtml
4. Footer column content 4 Footer column content 4 footer_col_4 sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_4.phtml
5. Megamenu 1st block img Megamenu 1st block img mm-block-1_img sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-1_img.phtml
6. Megamenu 1st block txt Megamenu 1st block txt mm-block-1_txt sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-1_txt.phtml
7. Megamenu 2nd block img Megamenu 2nd block img mm-block-2_img sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-2_img.phtml
8. Megamenu 2nd block txt Megamenu 2nd block txt mm-block-2_txt sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-2_txt.phtml
9. Megamenu 3rd block img Megamenu 3rd block img mm-block-3_img sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-3_img.phtml
10. Megamenu 3rd block txt Megamenu 3rd block txt mm-block-3_txt sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-3_txt.phtml
11. Megamenu 4th block img Megamenu 4th block img mm-block-4_img sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-4_img.phtml
12. Megamenu 4th block txt Megamenu 4th block txt mm-block-4_txt sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-4_txt.phtml
13. Megamenu 5th block img Megamenu 5th block img mm-block-5_img sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-5_img.phtml
14. Megamenu 5th block txt Megamenu 5th block txt mm-block-5_txt sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-5_txt.phtml
15. Megamenu 6th block img Megamenu 6th block img mm-block-6_img sources\demo\blocks\mm-block-6_img.phtml
16. Banners Banners banner_block sources\demo\blocks\banner_block.phtml
17. Additional information Additional information add-info sources\demo\blocks\add-info.phtml
18. Contact info Contact info contact_info sources\demo\blocks\contact_info.phtml
19. Payment Payment payment_1 sources\demo\blocks\payment_1.phtml
20. Footer column 2 title Footer column 2 title footer_col_2_title sources\demo\blocks\footer_col_2_title.phtml

3. Widgets configuration

# Widget Name Widget type Content
1. Slider Zemez FilmSlider Custom Slider
2. Catalog images grid Catalog Image Grid Custom categories + thumbnail images
3. Banners CMS Static Block Banners block
4. New products Featured products Custom products
5. Additional information CMS Static Block Additional information block
6. Brands Shop by Brand Custom Brands + Logos