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2 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Engagement Rings

During the Christmas season,there is always an abundance of joy and love in every place we go. Countlessindividuals buy precious or even wholesale fashion jewelry to give their lovedones a sign of appreciation and love. And when it comes to the sweet love thatcouples share, nothing can say it better than a promise of love for a lifetimewith engagement rings.

Today, we’ll let you in on 2 ofthe most common mistakes when buying any type of ring for another person. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a cocktail ring, we’re sure that you can learn a thing or two from our tips below.



Ring Buying Mistake # 1 You didn’t consider the wearer’s lifestyle

Just like the love that you share with your partner, engagement rings are forever. These symbols of love should be able to withstand the test of time. And with it comes the normal wear and tear that it might experience as you flaunt that sexy married hand of yours (or that of your partner).

Jewelry and ring settings are not all the same. Others were crafted to protect precious stones like diamonds from rigorous daily routine while other settings were meant to showcase the beauty of precious gems. Here are a couple of things that you need to know about 3 of the most common engagement ring settings today that could help you decide on what to get:

  1. Bezel type of setting is said to provide the most protection for your precious diamond stones. For this style, a metal band envelope the stone to hold it place as it protects. The bezel ring setting is known for being durable and smooth. This setting rarely gets tangled with the hair and clothes making it a suitable choice for active individuals.

  1. The pave setting never fails to showcase the beauty of diamonds with its intricate and exquisite style. In this setting, small gemstones are placed side by side to create a seamless sparkling effect. The main diamond or stone is surrounded by 3 or more layers of smaller stones to highlight the center piece.

  1. The prong ring setting is the most common style of engagement rings. The center diamond is held and protected by about 6 “claws” which can either be pointed, rounded, flat or made into a V-shape. This simple and stunning setting allows for easy cleaning of the gemstones to keep them beautiful.

In any setting that you choose, it's always best to consider the lifestyle and daily activities of the wearer. There’s a good variety of styles to choose from that would surely fit any life you lead.

Ring Buying Mistake # 2 The ring setting doesn’t match the hand size

This is one of the most common mistakes jewelry buyers make. Not only individuals on the market who shop for wedding jewelry but also those who look into fashion jewelries to complement their daily outfits.

Keep in mind that bigger is not always better when it comes to the fashion world. Though oversized pieces may look eye-catching at the beginning, it could easily fall out place once it’s inappropriate size shines through.

In buying a ring for your family, friend or partner, always remember that the style and setting should complement the hand of the wearer. Take note of the size and the length of the fingers to get an idea whether an elaborate design would be great or a clean bezel setting would do the trick. Make sure that the gemstones used as well as its setting are proportioned to the hand of the wearer.

Wedding Words of Wisdom…

Since you are planning for your future and life together, it always pays to think ahead. This is true not only for the big plans that you have but also for the symbols of love that both of you would carry all throughout. With that said, make sure that the engagement ring setting you’ll choose would complement or at least look great with the wedding band.

Always take time to plan your jewelry purchase for important occasions like your engagement and wedding.