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3 Reasons to Sell Moissanite Wedding and Engagement Rings

Offer your customers a more affordable alternative to diamond wedding rings with a stunning collection of Moissanite wedding rings.

macro shot of a Moissanite engagement ring held by a woman with mocha-colored nails

Diamond rings are, no doubt, very stunning and classy. It remains to be the most popular type of wedding ring. However, because more people are becoming more practical with their purchases because of the pandemic, some people will be looking for less expensive alternatives to this fine jewelry.

Moissanite rings are, in our opinion, the best diamond ring alternatives today. They are as gorgeous as diamond jewelry and can definitely add more sparkles to wedding dresses and add more class to a tuxedo.

This article will discuss the reasons why offering customers Moissanite wedding and engagement rings is a good business move and will feature a few pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection:

1. Moissanite crystals are almost as strong as diamonds.

3 Carat Moissanite Sterling Silver Ring from CeriJewelry
Women's 3 CT Round Moissanite Ring in S925 Sterling Silver

Diamonds, as we know, have a score of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means it’s a very hard and durable crystal. On the other hand, Moissanites have a score of 9.25 so they are not too far behind! Moissanite wedding rings are strong enough to wear every day as this crystal can withstand wear and tear. No need to worry about chipped or scratched stones and expensive jewelry maintenance service.

2. Moissanites are ethically made.

Men's Moissanite Sterling Silver Wedding Ring from CeriJewelry
Men's Moissanite Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Because of its extreme rarity, Moissanite crystals in the market today are now created in labs. But this does not mean that they are fake gems -- lab-grown crystals have the same chemical properties as those with the natural ones. The only difference is the place they are made or grown. With that said, no mining is needed to get Moissanites, which means they are ethical and environmentally friendly. Moissanite wedding rings are perfect for couples who are ethically conscious as well.

3. Moissanites give off more sparkles than diamonds do.

3 Carat Minimal Moissanite Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver from CeriJewelry
Women's 3 CT Minimal Moissanite Ring in S925 Sterling Silver

Moissanite crystals have more “fire” than diamonds, meaning when the former is hit by light, it gives off more brilliant sparkles than the latter does. Moissanites also remain brilliant even in a dim room, so they are the perfect jewelry for evening wear. An explanation for this is that the brilliance meter of a crystal depends on how it reflects white light. Moissanite’s score on the brilliance refractive scale is 2.65, while diamonds only have 2.42. Just imagine how gorgeous these rings are with a white wedding dress!


If you’re curious about Moissanite jewelry, check out our wholesale fashion jewelry collection at CeriJewelry.com!