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How to Have a Jewelry Business Specializing in Fashion Rings

Here are some tips on starting a jewelry shop exclusively selling rings.

woman holding three fashion rings

Rings are one of the best accessories to sell because they are available in many designs, small and easy to pack, and easy to display. In addition, keeping track of inventory is easier because you are selling only one type of jewelry.

Furthermore, there are many reasons for shoppers to buy a fashion ring. For example, customers could be buying them as gifts or getting one as a reward for themselves. In other words, having a fashion ring shop gets you, ready customers.

But how can you make it a profitable business, especially after the pandemic? Here are some fashion ring business tips for you to consider, as well as a few pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection:

  • Expand your customer base by offering a wide variety of styles, metal plating, crystal accents, and different sizes.
  • Offer ring engraving and other personalized services.
  • Have a wide variety of price ranges.
CJG2432 Stainless Steel Turquoise Ring
  • Create an eye-catching window display.
  • Sell fashion rings for children and babies.
  • Offer rings for teenagers at teen-friendly prices.
CJ1355 Wholesale Men's Stainless Steel Synthetic Jet Black Ring
  • Create ring bundles or sets and be creative in marketing them -- Couples Rings, Besties Rings, Mom and Daughter Set, etc.
  • Advise customers on what ring style best fits their finger type, as well as the best metal plating for their skin tone 
  • Offer discounts when customers buy three or more rings in a single receipt purchase.
Women's Wholesale 3 CT Star Moissanite 925 Sterling Silver Ring
  • Give freebies and other discounts for repeat customers.
  • Sell seasonal ring designs and start marketing them at least four weeks before the date of the holiday or event
  • Increase brand awareness on social media by regularly posting photos or videos of your rings, preferably in action.

Venturing into the jewelry business generally is a profitable move, and focusing on one jewelry type, particularly rings, is also recommended for start-up businesses. Then, as your customer base grows, gradually expand your inventory by offering other types of jewelry.