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5 Things Not to Do With Your Wedding Ring On

Remove your wedding band when doing these activities to prevent damaging it.

Things Not to Do With Your Wedding Ring On
Your wedding ring is undoubtedly one of your most valuable possession as it symbolizes the undying love you and your partner have. That said, it is only natural to take care of it by regular cleaning. Sometimes when we are too busy with work and well, with life, we forget about it, and unconsciously, allow it to get damaged. Prevent this from happening; remove your wedding ring when you are about to do these five activities.


5 Things Not to Do With Your Wedding Ring On
Although this sounds a bit crazy, it's in every bit true, especially for women. Bridal sets usually have many stones, and the engagement ring's center stone usually is even bigger. Sleeping with these rings on increases the risk of deformity, getting caught in your or your partner's hair, and also getting scratches all over your body. So make it a habit of taking off your wedding rings before you sleep at night.


5 Things Not to Do With Your Wedding Ring On
If you work in a place where your hands do most of the job, then it's also best to keep your ring in a safe place during your shift. In electrical work, for example, one should not wear anything conductive to prevent the risk of electrocution. Wedding bands are also hazardous in other jobs such as woodworking, construction, plumbing, and mechanical repair. To keep you and your ring safe, remove it first before starting with your shift.

Sports and water activities

5 Things Not to Do With Your Wedding Ring On
There have been cases of people playing sports and losing their fingers while wearing wedding bands. Ring avulsion happens when the ring catches something solid with such great force, like falling or tripping (remember Jimmy Fallon's finger?). The result is not pretty; you can either get your skin torn around the ring or worse, completely cut off. So if you plan on playing basketball or volleyball, make it a point to remove your wedding band. The same goes for water sports, as cold water can cause your fingers to shrink. When this happens, your ring can slip off easily, especially with activity.

Cooking and baking

5 Things Not to Do With Your Wedding Ring On
What if your ring has dirt in the crevices then you proceeded on kneading dough? Doesn't sound pretty, right? Aside from possibly contaminating your food, you also increase the risk of damaging your ring, especially if it has precious stones. Sauces can seep through the crevices, and so can flour, baking powder, and other stuff for cooking.

Doing household chores

5 Things Not to Do With Your Wedding Ring On
Don't let your most valuable possession go down the drain! Remove your ring when washing the dishes and when handwashing your intimates. Cleaning your home with harmful chemicals are not advised either, as this can damage the surface of your ring. As for gardening, soil and dirt can gunk up in the crevices and ultimately will damage it. There is also a chance of you losing your ring in all the soil. Always place your wedding band in a safe place before doing household chores.
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