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Channel Your Inner Goddess with Regal Jewelry

Offer your customers rings and regal jewelry fit for a fashion queen!

A crown showing how a regal jewelry should be is.

Being on lockdown ain't fun, so why not create exclusive jewelry bundles for your loyal customers? That is why, for today, we will highlight regal jewelry pieces from our wholesale fashion rings collection perfect for female customers. These pieces we picked have designs that can make any wearer connect with their inner goddess, and make her feel more confident, more beautiful, and happier.

Allow your customers to radiate positive feminine energy during trying times! Here are five fashion rings that you can bundle up together as a special ring set:

CJG1228 Wholesale IP Gold Stainless Steel Crystal Crown Ring

A gold stainless steel crown ring

This gold and regal jewelry, this stainless steel crown ring, is the embodiment of royalty. It features an intricate crown design with uber brilliant clear crystals that do remind of a real queen’s crown. Best worn on the index finger, this crown ring gives vibes of elegance and prim that can top off any look.

CJE1923 Crystal Top Grade Tiara Stainless Steel Ring

A top grade Tiara style stainless steel ring

This next ring somewhat is a downplayed version of the first one. This stainless steel ring features a minimalist heart tiara design perfect for matching any clothing style. The band itself has no crystals, but the tiara is encrusted with clear stones that shine even with the touch of the faintest light.

CJG2710 Princess Pink Marquise CZ Stainless Steel Ring

An elegant princess pink marquise CZ stainless steel ring

Pink is associated with charm, tenderness, and unadulterated romance, making this ring ideal for young women. This stainless steel piece exudes friendly feminine vibes perfect for matching floral spring dresses or lace tops. Its simple tiara design with clear CZ stones is made even more noticeable by the pink CZ crystal in a regal marquise cut centerpiece.

CJE2258 Stainless Steel Tiara Ring with Crystals

A stainless steel tiara ring with crystals

Next up is a two-tone stainless steel ring that exudes young playful and feminine vibes perfect for wearing with casual clothing. It features a minimalist tiara design with clear top-grade crystal accents making it noticeable even from afar. Because of its simplicity, this piece is perfect for wearing and layering with other thin rings.

CJE3584 Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel IP Rose Gold+ IP Black Queen Ring

Wholesale Women's Stainless Steel IP Rose Gold+ IP Black Queen Ring

This last piece is another two-tone ring but has a more straightforward empowering design. It features a black plated band giving the illusion of two thin stackable rings, and a rose gold plated design that says “QUEEN.” This bold ring, unlike the previous four, os much more casual, giving off chic rebel vibes.


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