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Fit for a Queen: Birthstones from June to December in Wholesale Jewelries

Pearls have long been associated with purity. Greeks in the olden times believed that these wonderful gems were hardened from the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Pearls are said to be the symbols of loyalty, friendship and faithfulness. Individuals born in this month are said to emulate the quality Pearls by being modest, chaste and pure.

Sterling Silver Ruby CZ Ring


As a gem in a provocative deep red hue, a Ruby is a great symbol of love and passion. Apart from protecting wearers from evil, these gems are said to cultivate energy and generosity in the wearer. It is also often equated to devotion, integrity, courage and joy.

Peridot Premium Austrian
Crystal Sterling Silver Ring


The Peridot, also known as the evening emeraldfor being light green in color, is a symbol of strength. These gems are often found in volcanic ashes which created the belief that they are tears of the volcano goddess, Pele. Power, influence, love, truth, faithfulness, loyalty, dignity and protection are all embodied by the Peridot.

1 Carat Sapphire CZ Ring


The Sapphire is a sophisticated gem in blue. Believed to ward off poisoning, the sapphire which personifies purity and wisdom has been preferred by priests, kings and other royalties. Other associations for this stone include truth, sincerity and clairvoyance.

0.5 CT Clear Genuine Nature
Stone Opal Ring

Opal is in October. This stone which stands for faithfulness and confidence also imparts its wearers with hope, innocence, loyalty and confidence among others. Necklaces adorned by opal are also said to drive away evil and protect the eyesight. It is also said to improve visualization, imagination, dreams and healing. 

Sterling Silver Topaz CZ Cocktail Ring


Individuals born in this month are said to be filled with the many traits of Topaz. Commonly found in the shades of yellow and brown, this stone exudes love and affection. Friendship, strength, tension release and balancing of emotions are also associated with Topaz.

Coral & Turquoise Stone Ring

The love charm, Turquoise, is the birthstone for the merry month of December. This gem is said to protect and bring about calming and relaxing effects to its users. It is said to bring about good fortune, success, happiness and prosperity by enhancing the creativity, serenity and spirituality of the wearer.