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Fit for a Queen: Birthstones January to May in Wholesale Jewelries

Whether you and your most loyal customers are in one with this saying, people have been truly curious with birthstones. This desire to know would continue to capture the interest of many for the years to come.

As much as names reflect the personality of an individual, birthstones carry with them traits that can be attributed to certain characteristics of a person. Get to know what these gem stones in wholesale fashion jewelry stores.

Garnet Epox Cocktail Ring

Garnet is a symbol of consistency, endurance, creativity and patience. It is also said to keep wearers during travels. This red gem is also believed to exude healing powers over medical conditions of the blood, heart and lungs.


Sterling Silver Light Amethyst CZ Ring
For a month that is filled with love, Amethyst is said to strengthen relationships. It is said to lend courage as well to those who wear it. During the time of the ancient Greeks, this deep purple gem is thought to safeguard individuals from intoxication. Amethyst comes from the Greek word “amethystos” which means sober. This gem is said to cure addictions, headaches, insomnia, arthritis and circulatory conditions among others.

Aquamarine Cubic Zirconia Ring

Long ago, Aquamarine was thought to cure medical conditions associated with the heart, liver and stomach. People who are weighed down by any of such medical conditions were made to drink the water where the gem was once soaked. As a symbol of faithfulness, courage and friendship, the Aquamarine’s blue-green color depicts calmness in every way.

Black Diamond CZ Cocktail Ring


The Diamond will always be the symbol of undying love. Dubbed as a “girl’s best friend”, this stone is commonly used for special occasion jewelries. The diamond, which is thought to lend courage symbolizes good luck, protection, clarity thought and abundance among other associations.

Emerald Austrial Crystal Ring


As one of Cleopatra’s favorite stone, Emeralds connote loyalty, faithfulness and friendships. It may also depict fertility, rebirth, and love for individuals born in this month.

In our next post, we'll talk about the birthstones for June to December. 

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