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How to Make Your Jewelry Brand Stand Out on Instagram

Here are ways to use Instagram's features to make your content more engaging in 2021.

As we mentioned before in our articles, Instagram is one of the best platforms to showcase your jewelry pieces because it's an image-heavy platform.

But posting on Instagram is not simply just uploading an image. It takes creativity and wit to capture your audience. And since jewelry businesses have a lot of competition, you should be able to cut through the noise.

Here are some useful Instagram tips from Search Engine Journal for both retail and wholesale fashion jewelry businesses to make content even more aesthetically pleasing and engaging:

Summarize your long content as carousel posts.

Instagram carousels are posts with two to ten photos or videos that can be viewed by swiping or clicking left and are shared as a single post on the feed. Because of that, they are the perfect post type to share long text content like new jewelry design announcements or contest details. 

Place a CTA on the last image or video to drive traffic to your online store and engage users through comments and shares.

Resize your videos for IGTV.

IGTV is now a popular feature on Instagram for long videos that fill the whole screen of smartphones. So if your brand has a YouTube channel, make sure to resize your YT videos for IGTV, so you can post them on Instagram as well.

It's easy to resize and make your videos IGTV-friendly; there are resizing tools like free editing software for social media videos like Animaker and Kapwing.

Turn your best Tweets into Instagram posts.

If your jewelry brand is on Twitter, screenshot your best quotes, and create quote graphics. According to Search Engine Journal, quotes shared as screenshots tend to perform better on Instagram than sharing them in a different graphic style.

You can add your brand elements and personality into the graphic by using your logo colors or diffused product images as the background.

Entice followers with video teasers.

Videos are still the best content type to date. And although users love watching long informative videos on IGTV, posting short clips also engage followers and drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

Provide users with a cliffhanger. That way, viewers will be curious enough to check out your original video post.

Create Story Highlights of your best IG Stories.

Make sure to also share the post on your Instagram feed to your Stories. According to Search Engine Journal, it is suspected that many Instagram users spend more time checking out Stories than scrolling the feed. 

Aside from that, Story Highlights remain at the top of your profile, making them evergreen content. This feature then is perfect for showcasing your best selling jewelry pieces.