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How Videos Can Effectively Market Jewelry

Learn how video marketing can influence customers’ buying behavior and boost sales and why this strategy is worth the effort.


The year 2020 was not a good year for most businesses. Temporary closures and bankruptcies happened because of lockdowns and quarantines. The pandemic urged companies to pivot and shift online as the number of social media users increased.

To be visible on social media, regularly attracting your target audience’s attention through engaging posts is a must. Your brand should be able to catch their eye immediately, and one easy way to do this is by posting videos. Human beings are more attracted to visual content than a purely textual one. In fact, Google found that more than half of consumers use online videos for shopping research.


So whether you sell retail or wholesale fashion rings, using videos to showcase them is a wise marketing move. Here are the top three reasons why:

Videos are online shoppers’ shopping list.

Shoppers use videos as virtual shopping lists. No more listing down of things to buy, as they would just need to watch a tutorial or how-to video and take screenshots. 

For example, if they got inspired to create a DIY spring-inspired pair of earrings by watching your jewelry tutorial videos, users would just have to re-watch the video once they are already on your e-commerce site. 

Videos keep fashionable customers informed.

Posting informational videos about your jewelry products make people more interested in them. If you create a video on how to bring back the brilliance of sterling silver rings, people will be confident enough to buy from your online store as they would already know how to take care of such jewelry.

Jewelry style guide videos also make your target customers more confident about their jewelry shopping as well, so make sure to publish videos on this topic.

Videos can influence customers’ final buying decisions.

According to Google, more than 50% of shoppers say that videos helped them decide which specific brand or product to purchase. This is especially true for real product review videos. Consumers today trust such feedback from real customers, as they would trust a recommendation from friends or family.

Encouraging customers to provide feedback then is a wise move. Create a simple video of good feedback by animating screenshots of good reviews on your social media accounts or website.